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If you begin your journey in drone fishing, one of your first questions will be what is a drop loop. In short, a drop loop is one of the most common methods that is being used in drone fishing. This loop is made in order to hold your bait on your drone. And, as I just said, this is the most common method, I would say 99% of cases… This means that it is not the only method. So, by reading this post, you will know what is a drop loop, and also when you should use a drop-loop, and when you won’t need it?

So, What Is A Drop Loop?

Let’s begin. So, in order to explain to you what is a drop loop, allow me to start by asking you a question. Assuming you already have a fishing drone. How do you plan on taking out the bait with it? How will it be attached to the drone without falling down? Well, obviously, you can’t tie the line to the drone, cause you can’t untie it when necessary, right? Well, first, the drone has a bait-dropping device with it. But how does the bait-dropping device holds the bait in it?

Well, whether you have a mechanical bait dropping device or an electric one, you need the device to hold the line for you. For that, we are using a drop loop. A drop-loop is a loop we make to hold the bait onto the bait-dropping device. You take another piece of line and make a loop at one end of it. The other end of the line you attach to your mainline.  Whether you will attach it, using a knot or a swivel, it is up to you, and the way you design your rig.

If you have a mechanical bait-dropping device, you will need to put the loop between the 2 ball bearings. And in case you are using an electric bait-dropping device, you will need to put it inside the arm of the device.

You can see an example in the following pictures, how it will be on a mechanical, and how it will be on an electric one.

which bait dropping device should I buy - SkyClip drop loop on Phantom devicedrop loop on electric bait dropping device

In case you didn’t buy a bait-dropping device yet, you are welcome to read our post about our comparison between mechanic and electric devices. It worth your time cause, trust me, it can save your drone from crashing into the water.

Drop Loop – Line Diameter

In case you are using a mechanic bait-dropping device, there is an important thing you should know. This is regarding the thickness of the line you will use to make the drop loop. Since the line will need to go through 2 ball bearings, the thicker the line will be, the harder for it to be released. So in order to make sure the bait will drop in the proper tension that fits your drone, it is highly important to make sure you use the right diameter. For example, if you have the SkyClip for Phantom, it is recommended to use a 0.7 line. Thicker than 0.7 will be dangerous to your drone. But, using a thinner line will release your bait with less effort – that is possible in case you want to put less tension on your drone.

Can I skip and drone fish without a drop loop?

The only bait-dropping device you won’t need to do a drop loop is the Sky Rigger. The reason for that is since the Sky Rigger is built differently. The Sky Rigger is using 2 round plates that press the line between them. This way you don’t need to do any sort of change to your fishing rig.

There is another way not to use a drop loop, and that is if you have an electric bait dropping device and you just hang the hook on it. So when you click the button to drop the bait, the hook simply slides and falls off. However, this method is not recommended, and I would say that it is even dangerous. The reason I mentioned it, since I don’t want you to think, in case you already thought about it yourself, that I don’t know this method and it is legit. So, please don’t use your bait-dropping device this way. Here is a picture showing what I meant.


If you are getting into drone fishing, it is likely that you will know what is a drop loop (unless you have got yourself the Sky Rigger). It is important that you will what is a drop loop and also you do it properly. It is one of the simplest things you will learn in drone fishing, and hopefully, you will be catching big fish soon enough. Make sure you follow the proper line diameter for your device, and lastly, don’t forget to drop us a comment with your catches.

So, till the next time, tight lines and fly safely.

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