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Titan Robotic Arm - Underwater Drones

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In the world of underwater drones, most companies “fight” for mostly the same features, meaning speed, battery life, camera quality, light, and etc. Geneinno, the company that makes the Titan underwater drone, decided to take a step forward and bring a new feature to this world. This feature is the Titan robotic arm.

The robotic arm is basically an underwater gripper that you control for your special underwater needs. It is compatible only with Titan through its unique 8-pin adaptable extension interface. With maximum 13lbs grabbing force and intelligent control of holding mode, Titan underwater gripper has made underwater exploration more fun with real
interaction with the unknown world.

Titan Robotic Arm - Icons

Geneinno Titan Robotic Arm side


On Titan’s underside, The Titan is featuring a powered extension port to which other accessories can be attached in the future. For example, Geneinno developed a hydrophone, which is, in other words, an underwater microphone.

Combined Features – Unique Capabilities

When the Titan robotic arm is combined with other features, such as diving up to 150 meters… well, this allows you to use the drone in a higher scale of possibilities. Assuming that you can combine a diver along with the Titan, on boat inspections you can send some tools the diver using the Titan robotic arm. Or vice versa, during the inspection, the diver can send with the drone something he found to the person on board.

Titan Robotic Arm – Technical Specifications

Max gripping force 13.2 lbs
Max gripper open range 2.36in
Voltage 9-12.6V DC
Total length 24.5in
Diameter 1.42in
Weight in air 1.71 lbs
Weight in water ~0.09 lbs
Max depth 492ft
Connector 8-pin Titan adaptable interface
Cable diameter 0.16in
Compatibility Titan only (for now)

The titan robotic arm is exactly what you need in case you bought an underwater drone not only for filming.  Here is a short video so you can see the robotic arm in action.

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