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SwellPro SPRY Drone – Watch out DJI!

Hello there drone pilots, just in case you missed SwellPro latest release, which is the SPRY drone, you are sure to be amazed.

The reason why I say you will be amazed, in since the world never had a drone like that before. In short, the SPRY drone has a size of DJI Mavic Pro, the weight of a DJI Spark, can help you fish like SplashDrone 3+, has a speed like a racing drone, shoot videos like DJI Phantom, completely waterproof. And if that’s not enough, it is trending in an affordable price tag of 899$.

SwellPro SPRY drone - drone with remote control
SwellPro SPRY drone – the drone with the remote control

But, hold on, remember I said that the world did not have such a drone like this before, this is because the SPRY drone has the very first ever waterproof remote control.

Yes, you heard it right! A waterproof remote control.

So now, you can take your drone and fly it wherever you want, and whenever you want!

You can take it with you to any on-water adventures you want. As so, the SPRY is such a great drone, it is a combination of a racing quad and a photography drone. But it also has great special features that you won’t find them all together in just one drone.

For instance, not all the drones are waterproof, not all the drones can fish. Not all the drones can fly at 40 miles an hour, not all the drones can film in 4K, and believe me that I can go on and on about it, but I think you got the idea. Right?

The Size of a DJI Mavic Pro 2

So, let’s start with the size of the SPRY drone and compare it to the DJI Mavic Pro 2.

The size of the SPRY drone is 233.5mm x 249mm x 90mm. And the size of DJI Mavic Pro 2 Is 322mm×242mm×84mm. Which means that the SPRY drone is almost identical in its width and height, however, the SPRY is shorter by 9 centimeters from the Mavic 2. That makes the SPRY a very compact drone that you can take with you everywhere.

SwellPro SPRY drone – Watch out DJI – The Drone

The weight of a DJI Spark (Well almost)

The Spark is no doubt a great little drone, and what’s so great about the Spark is that it is a fantastic drone almost like the Mavic (as much as it can be compared to the Mavic) and still small. The size of the Spark is 143mm×143mm×55mm, So, basically, the Mavic is almost twice the size of the Spark. However, the weight of the Spark is three times less the weight of the Mavic. The Spark weights 300 grams while the Mavic 2 Pro weights 907 grams.

And, when we look at the SPRY drone, which has the size of the Mavic, its weight is 436 grams, which is half the weight of the Mavic. That is almost like the weight of the Spark.

A Great Photography Drone

The video recording capabilities of the SPRY drone are truly amazing. It has 4 different modes for video transmission. It offers shooting in 4K – 30 frames per second, and a bitrate of 64Mbps. DJI Phantom 4 is the same but with a lower bitrate of 60Mbps.

Regarding other video modes, the SPRY drone really got me surprised. The SPRY is capable of shooting in 2.5K videos – 60 frames per second, while DJI Phantom can do that in 30 frames per second. And if that is not enough, the SPRY can shoot full HD (1080p) in 120 frames per second, and HD videos (720p) in 240 frames per second. This is insane!!! That means you can make a great slow motion video in HD and Full HD quality.

Just to make sure you understand it, DJI Phantom shoots HD videos (720p) in 60 frames per second, which is 4 times less than the SPRY drone.

SwellPro SPRY drone - Watch out DJI - a man flying the SPRY
SwellPro SPRY drone – Watch out DJI – a man flying the SPRY

Great features of the SPRY

When I saw the features of the SPRY I was very excited. Let’s go over the main features of it.

Return to Boat

Most people are familiar with the “Return To Home” (RTH) feature. However, the SPRY has the “return to boat” feature. Not sure why SwellPro decided to name this feature like that since it is returned to the pilot – which holds the remote control.

SwellPro SPRY drone - Watch out DJI - Return to boat
SwellPro SPRY drone – Watch out DJI – Return to the boat

What’s remarkable about this feature is the fact that many DJI pilots lost their drones since they moved away from the point the drone initially took off. And, later by mistake, they clicked on the “return to home” button. And sometimes it occurred automatically since the drone’s battery level got too low. This way or another, when the return to home begins, in some situations it is un-revertible and people lost their drones along with its footage.

So, with the SPRY drone, you have nothing to worry about. You can go wherever you want, and the SPRY will come back to your exact location.

Follow Me

Another great feature that SwellPro developed is the Follow Me. I know what you think, “Follow me” is not a new feature. So, what’s so new about this feature?

SwellPro SPRY drone - Watch out DJI - follow me
SwellPro SPRY drone – Watch out DJI – follow me

Well, it’s the fact that the SPRY drone can follow you according to the position of the remote control. You see, till now, the “Follow Me” feature was working by paring the drone to your mobile phone. So with the SPRY, as I said, it will work even without the mobile APP, and according to the position of the remote controller.

Follow Orbit

The “Follow Orbit” feature, like the “Follow Me” feature, works according to the position of the remote control. Which means, in case you are not familiar with Orbit mode, it will smoothly capture a 360 degrees’ orbital pan video.

SwellPro SPRY drone – Watch out DJI – follow orbit

Use the drone for fishing

What’s also great about the SPRY drone, is that it has an attachment which will help you to drop a small bait or lure.

Don’t expect it to be like the SplashDrone 3+, since it cannot take heavy baits like the SplashDrone.  But no doubt it can drop lures and light baits, so it will help you catch fish like bass, bluegills, catfish and etc.

You can use the SPRY at the lake and also at the beach in salt water.

This way or another I recommend you to read our article about fishing with drones, which will give you great tips on how to use your drone correctly for fishing.

SwellPro SPRY drone - Can fish
SwellPro SPRY drone – Can fish

To use the drone in water

While many people won’t dare to use their drone next to water, since they are afraid that the drone will get wet, some people do dare. I guess they follow the saying: “If you can’t fight them, join them”. Hence, all the time I see different accessories for drones allowing them to land on the water.

These accessories are succeeding to land the drone on the water, however, it is still risky and requires to do that very carefully. Other than that, the water must be calm, meaning you can’t land the drone at the beach where there are waves. Also, you need to know that the drone will typically refuse to land on the water due to the sensors.

Disadvantages when using accessories to land a drone

While the accessories are allowing the drones to land on the water, there are certain disadvantages when using them.

  1. The accessory will drain the battery since it is adding weight to the drone.
  2. Some of the accessories are causing stability issues to the drone.
  3. Some accessories block the drone’ camera.

If you have a drone by DJI and you want to use it for fishing like SwellPro’ drones, make sure to read our article about fishing with DJI drones.

Landing on water: DJI Drones VS SwellPro Drones

I am sure that you know that landing a SwellPro drone on the water is safer, but I am not sure you know how much it is easier. So, I made a video for you, showing you how to land drones on the water. I started with drones like DJI Spark and Mavic, and right after that, you will see how to land the SPRY and the SplashDrone on the water. Enjoy!

Now that you saw the difference between the two… remember! If you are using your drone next to water, mark my words, I said that before and I will say that again, one day the drone will crash in the water. The only question is when.


So why spend money on an expensive drone that cannot be with you everywhere, like when you at the beach? Why buy an expensive drone that you can’t enjoy with it anytime you want, like when it is raining?

And why, the hell, have a drone that needs bottles in his landing gears in order not to get wet (only in calm water), but still be worried, and not have a drone which is entirely waterproof, like the SPRY, and be relaxed.

I, of course, can understand that, only if you already have a drone, so you won’t spend more money.

But, if you are about to purchase a drone, and you want to enjoy it wherever and whenever you want, and you want it to shoot videos in 4K, I strongly recommend you to buy the SPRY drone. But be careful, having the SPRY drone will make all your friends to want your drone. So, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So, what are you waiting for? I waited a long time to order mine.

What about you? Which drone you will be your next one? Let me know that in the comments section below.

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3 thoughts on “SwellPro SPRY Drone – Watch out DJI”

  1. Awesome info,been looking at the spry for a mixture of sports things,but haven’t seen anything on how much weight it can take…
    Messaged drone company that supplies the spry in nz,they said no it won’t take any weight at all..
    Thus didn’t seem right to me.only going to use it as mentioned,light bait/weight..
    Mainly for the wife for fishing as she loves it but struggle’s just getting down the beach…so she can fly it around and drop her bait..if it gets her back on the beach then awesome.
    I’ll use it for surfing, mountain biking..

    1. Hi Damis,
      Thank you very much for your comment.
      The SPRY drone can lift a bait or lure. You won’t get any official response about it since it was not intended for it.
      Actually, you can see for yourself in the SPRY advertisement, which was published by SwellPro, that the SPRY is carrying a bait.
      There was a video for testing its lifting capabilities. And if I am not mistaken, in the video they have lifted at least 50 grams.
      When I will find this video again, I will update this post.

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