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In this tutorial, I will instruct you with the simple steps in order to calibrate your PL3 camera. Kindly follow all the steps of the PL3 camera calibration.

Camera Calibration – Why is it important?

In drone fishing and in Search and rescue operations, the camera is basically performing as your eyes.

However, the camera gimbal might not be stabilized when you first received it. This can be due to excessive vibration during transportation. Sometimes, the calibration will also be needed after a great difference in temperature.

In addition, camera accelerometer will be needed when the camera gimbal does not maintain its horizontal level after powering up the SplashDrone‘.

Either way, that is the indication that you need to do the calibration. Doing so, guarantees the safety of the drone and increase the success of your flying mission, whatever it will be.

PL3 Camera Calibration Requirements

To complete the PL3 camera calibration, you will need to install the software from BaseCam website. Go to their download page and install the correct version.

SwellPro advises installing the SimpleBGC_GUI_2_40 version, which you can download here. Make sure the software is properly installed. In this download file (SwellPro-PL3-Calibration-software-and-profile.rar) you will find 2 files. The first one is the advised software version. And the second file (Firmware.rar)  is the profile you will need to provide and upload to the software.

PL3 Camera Calibration Preparations

Prior to the PL3 camera calibration, make sure that you install the BaseCam software on your computer. Don’t run the software yet. Don’t worry, I will let you know when to do that.

PL3 Camera Calibration – Connecting the PL3 to the Computer

Then, connect the PL3 to the computer using the USB cable. The PL3 has a USB connection in its right side. To reveal the USB port, you need to loosen up its two screws. Look at the following picture to see the correct spot. It is highlighted for you with the red square box.

PL3 Camera Calibration - Loosen the screws

After loosing up the screws, connect the USB cable to the camera, and then connect the other side of the cable to your computer.

Place the PL3 in front of you and press it flat on its top with your finger.

PL3 Camera Calibration - Pressing the PL3

PL3 Camera Calibration – Let’s do it

Now, that you have the software installed, and the PL3 connected to your computer. It is time to start the calibration.

First, run the PL3 camera calibration software, which you previously installed.

Since this is not a tutorial for BaseCam software, I will instruct you with the plain steps, what to click and I will save you from explaining the software it-self. If you do want to know more about it, you can read their user manual in here.

After launching the software, look at the top left side corner, and make sure you choose the maximum port number, like COMM66. Then, click on the “Connect” button, which is on its ride side.

SwellPro PL3 Camera Calibration - BaseCam First step

Once the connection is successful, you will see that the parameters on the right side will change (look at the red arrows in the next image).

SwellPro PL3 Camera Calibration - BaseCam Loading Profile

The arrow indicates that the connection is successful. You now need to load your profile. The profile is located in the zipped file I shared with you in the beginning. Choose the file and click on the “Open” button.

SwellPro PL3 Camera Calibration - BaseCam Choosing Profile

After the profile file loaded, select firmware and click “Open”.

Select the writing. When the writing is successful, you will see a notice for it in the left bottom hand side of the screen.

Click on the “CALIB ACC” button. Once it is done, you will see a slight change in the bottom right watch.

SwellPro PL3 Camera Calibration - BaseCam Calib ACC

If the values on the right watch do not change, wait around 10 seconds for the changes to take effect, and move to the next step.

Only after the values on the right bottom watch were changed, you can click the “CALIB GYRO” button. You will be notified with “Gyroscope calibration started..”.

Like before, wait for the values on the right bottom watch to change. Again, if the values did not change, wait 10 seconds before proceeding to the next step.

You are now left with the last step of PL3 camera calibration. This is writing the data. Simply click on the “WRITE” button which is the button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Once the writing is successful, you will be notified, like always, on the status bar positioned on the lower left side of the screen.

That’s it. The PL3 camera calibration is over. That was easy, right?


PL3 Camera Calibration is now complete, and it’s time to unplug the USB cable. Now, just verify that the PL3 camera calibration went well. Check that the PL3 camera is working properly, you can do it by electrifying.

Having Problems?

Normally you should be good to go, and everything should work properly. However, if you had any issues during the PL3 camera calibration process, let us know in the comments section below, or drop me an email, and I will help you out.

Till the next time, fly safe and tight lines.

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