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The key differences between the 3 models

As SwellPro recently released 2 new models, the SplashDrone 4 and the SwellPro Fisherman, I was asked about the differences between the drones. I was specially asked about the difference between the SplshDrone 4 to the 3+.  Later on, I realized that the reason I was not asked about the Fisherman model was that people were not aware of this new model at all.

So, today, I will present you with the main differences between the SplashDrone 4, the SplashDrone 3+, and the SwellPro Fisherman.

This post should help you decide which drone is the best for you. However, keep in mind that the SplashDrone 3+ is not being produced anymore. The SplashDrone 4 is the latest model in the SplashDrone series. So, basically, it will help you decide between the SplashDrone 4 and the SwellPro Fisherman.

The differences in the SwellPro drones’ models will be divided into 3 main sections. The first section compares the aircraft itself. The second compares the remote control. And the third section compares the different attachments you can use with the drone.

SwellPro Drones Differences – Aircraft
SplashDrone 4
SplashDrone 3+
SwellPro Fisherman
Flight time (no wind & no load)


30 min22 min30 min
Max Flight Distance


5 km1.6 km1.6 km
Max Payload Capacity


2 kg1.5 kg2 kg
Max Wind Speed Resistance


72km/h | 20m/s | 39knot57.6km/h | 16m/s | 31knot72km/h | 20m/s | 39knot
Max Flight Speed


10 m/s (GPS); 22 m/s (ATTI)10 m/s (GPS); 18 m/s (ATTI)10 m/s (GPS); 22 m/s (ATTI)
Max Ascend Speed


4 m/s4 m/s4 m/s
Max Descend Speed


4 m/s3 m/s4 m/s
Max Height120 m (GPS) / ATTI – no limitation120 m (GPS) / 1.3 km (ATTI)120 m (GPS) / 1.6 km (ATTI)
Max Tilt AngleATTI: 12.5°; ATTI (fast): 25°ATTI: 25°ATTI: 12.5°; ATTI (fast): 25°
Power FlipYesYesYes
Boat ModeYesNoNo
Follow MeBuilt-in GPS module in Remote Control
Full direction follow
No GPS module in Remote Control
Follow the moble phone
Flight ModeGPS
Manual +
ReturnDynamic Return-to-Home
One-Key Return-to-Home
Signal Lost Return-to-Home
Low Battery Auto Return-to-Home
Low Battery Auto Payload-release
One-Key Return-to-Home
Signal Lost Return-to-Home
One-Key Return-to-Home
Signal Lost Return-to-Home
Low Battery Auto Return-to-Home
Anti-Pendulum FeatureYesNoYes
BatteryIntelligent Battery 6600 mAh
97.68 Wh14.8V 4S LiPo (#18650 cell inside)
Durable & Easy to maintain
Slide-In / Out
Standard LiHV Battery
5200mAh 79.04 Wh15.2V 4S LiHV
Install from the top cover
Standard LiHV Battery
6500 mAh 99.8 Wh15.2V 4S LiHV
Install from the top cover




#3509 – 740Kv#3510 – 620Kv#3509 – 740Kv
Digital Video TransmissionYesNoneNone
Operating Frequency5180 – 5875 MHz2405 – 2475 MHz (drone)
5645 – 5965 MHz (video link – VTX)
2405 – 2475 MHz (drone)
5645 – 5965 MHz (video link – VTX)
Transmitter Power (EIRP)FCC/IC: ≤ 24 dBmCE/SRRC/MIC: ≤ 20 dBmLess than 20dBm for drone control25~600 mW for Video LinkLess than 20dBm for drone control25~600 mW for Video Link
Open API


APP features


Camera Control & Setting
Tap to Flight
Route Planning
Grid Flight Planning
Intelligent Circle
Historical Route
Auto Take-off / Return
Point Flight
Route Planning

SwellPro Drones Differences – Remote Control


SplashDrone 4
SplashDrone 3+
SwellPro Fisherman




2.68 inch, 128×645 inch, 800×4803 inch (for telemetry)
Real-time Video Transmission


720P@30fps640×320800×480 (Via GL1)
Operating Frequency


5180 – 5875 MHz2405 – 2475 MHz2406 – 2475 MHz
Transmitter Power (EIRP)


FCC/IC: ≤ 24 dBm
CE/SRRC/MIC: ≤ 20 dBm
25~600mWLess than 20dBm
Wi-Fi Hotspot


YesNone4 m/s


2S LiPo 3600mAh2S LiPo 2300 mAh4 x AA Batteries
Working Time


7 hours2.5 hours3.0 hours
Charge time3 hours1.5 hours

SwellPro Drones Differences – Attachment

This part of the comparison is super important since it advises you on how you can upgrade your drone in the future.

SplashDrone 4
SplashDrone 3+
SwellPro Fisherman
Waterproof Camera


1axis 4K gimbal camera (GC1-S)
2axis low-light gimbal camera (GC2-S)
3axis 4K gimbal camera (GC3-S)
3axis gimbal thermal camera(GC3-T)
Fixed angle camera (FAC)
GC3 (3axis 4K gimbal camera)None

(available with payload releases)

Payload Release


PL1 (payload release)
PL2 (with FPV camera)
PL3 (with 1axis gimbal and 2.7K camera)
PL4 (with 1axis gimbal & low-light camera)
PL1-F (payload release)
PL2-F (with FPV camera)


The SplashDrone 3+ was around for a long time, and now, the SplashDrone 4 presents great features and upgrades we all waited for. The Fisherman model seems to be a bit similar to the SplashDrone 3+ and I highly recommend it, in case you want to get into drone fishing without paying a lot for it.

If you consider having a fishing drone along with great filming abilities, I will recommend you to consider the SplashDrone 4, as it has great options and upgrades.

I hope this helped you decide which drone you should get. Again, SplashDrone 3+ drones are not available in stock anymore, and their production was stopped. But it can help you decide in case you consider buying a used one. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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