SwellPro 4K Camera 3 Axis Gimbal Review

SwellPro 4K Camera 3 Axis Gimbal Review

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SwellPro released their new 4K camera with 3 axis gimbal

SwellPro 4K Camera 3 Axis Gimbal Review

If you only knew how long we, at Finish-Tackle, have waited that SwellPro will release their new camera to the market… And now, finally, we can do it.

So here is our SwellPro 4K Camera 3 Axis Gimbal Review:

If you are not familiar with SwellPro company, it’s time you will know that SwellPro is by far the best company for waterproof drones today (but not since today… SwellPro are around for few years already).

Among SwellPro products, you can find drones for fishing and drones for filming.

Starting this month (July-2018), SwellPro has released their new 4K camera to the market. This new 4K camera has a 3 axis gimbal.

Until today, SwellPro had a 4K camera with 2 axis gimbal only. Drone owners asked for improvements and for sure they got a great camera which upgrades the drone to the max.

Nowadays, 3 axis gimbal is a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to use his drone for filming and photographing. However, if you are a serious photographer and you want to take great video from your camera, doing that on a rainy day or at the beach means you will put your drone on a great risk.

Even the most skilled drone owners have crashed their drones into the water.

SwellPro added a new player into the market, giving the ability to be the best photographer with the most peace of mind when going out to your next shootout.

SwellPro 4K camera 3 axis gimbal Review: What’s Great about it…

Let’s go thru over the features and advantages that SwellPro 4K camera with 3 axis gimbal has to offer:

First, the new 4K camera with 3 axis gimbal is 100% waterproof (exactly like all other SwellPro’s products). That means that the camera can be used even in a salt water environment.

The gimbal motors are powerful yet very sensitive, which ensure shake-free footage at all times. The gimbal also can hold tight the position of the camera inside the water.

Compressive ball mount absorbs vibrations and eliminates the jelly effect significantly better than previous designs.

A smaller field of view means a natural view with very little fish-eye effect.

New, high-quality image sensor captures more details and true colors.

The camera settings can be adjusted with the built-in buttons instead of an APP.

Micro SD card recording is available in-camera.

Note the 3-axis gimbal camera is only designed for SplashDrone 3 series.

SwellPro 4K camera 3 axis gimbal Specifications

Waterproof Level: IP67

Stabilization System: 3 Axis Tilt and Pan adjustable

Controllable Range: Tilt -90°to 0, Level -25° to 25°

Weight: 379g

Image Sensor: 1/2.3” CMOS, 1600M

Lens: FOV 90° F2.5

ISO range: 100-1600

Picture Resolution: 16M(4608×3456 4:3) 12M (4000×3000 4:3) 8.3M(3840×2160 16:9)

Video Resolution:

PAL – 3840×2160 25p  2720×1530 25p 2560X1350 50/25p  1920×1080 100/50/25p 1280×720 200/100p

NTSC – 3840×2160 30p  2720×1530 30p 2560X1350 60/30p  1920×1080 120/60/30p 1280×720 240/120p

Max video stream: 60Mbps

Picture Format: JPEG

Video Format:MOV / MP4

Support memory card: Class 10 or UHS-1 and above specifications Micro SD card

You MUST have the SwellPro 4K Camera 3 Axis Gimbal

So if you are serious about being a real professional photographer, and want to be able to work in every place, and also in every weather condition, no doubt you need this camera in your arsenal.

SwellPro 4K Camera 3 Axis Gimbal

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