Spydro Squid Light: New Fishing Camera Feature

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What is Spydro Squid Light?

After reviewing Spydro fishing camera a few months ago, it seems that Spydro did not stop thinking about improving their fishing camera.  Spydro announced that they have developed a new feature in their fishing camera, and it is called Spydro Squid Light.

That proves that Spydro really understands the needs of anglers as they continue to develop new great features. And since Led fishing light was proven to be very attractive for squids (Which made the fishing marker to be loaded with led fishing lights to attract those suids), Then, Spydro developed their own version for it.

Meet “Squid Light”, the newest feature in the only smart fishing camera that exists up till today.

Squid Light = Led Fishing Light

So, Spydro Squid Light is basically a special sequence of led lights that are known to attract squids. It is especially effective in low light conditions.

You can watch at the following video to see how this special sequence of led lights works.

Do I need to buy a new Spydro Fishing Camera For It?

If you already own a Spydro fishing camera, there is no need to buy a new one in order to have the Spydro Squid Light feature.

Spydro customers can enjoy and have this feature by making sure to upgrade to the latest firmware.

Make sure you have Spydro version on:

  • IOS 1.5 (70)
  • Android 1.10.91
  • Spydro FW 2074

Like with the Spydro Squid Light, knowing that whenever Spydro will develop a new feature in their fishing camera you will have it, gives you a piece of mind and confidence.

What’s next?

Well, Spydro team is not resting, and they are already working on their next feature, which is called Spydro Fish Buzz.

What is Spydro Fish Buzz, well my friend, for that you will need to wait. But don’t you worry, we will update you once it will be ready, till then, tight lines.

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