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Spydro Fishing Camera

In the fishing market, there are lots of different products that make you fish better. And with the improvement of technology, we see improvement with lots of fishing products as well, like great new fishing reels, rods, lures etc. However, in the field of fishing cameras, we didn’t see any real improvement. Well, that of course, until Spydro Fishing Camera came in.

I must say that prior to writing this post, I thought that Spydro is just another underwater camera, which has its uniqueness, but not something much impressive compared to other fishing cameras. But after playing with it for a few days, and test it in different situations, I realized how wrong I was.

So, Spydro is not just another fishing camera. Spydro, basically invented for us the very first smart fishing camera. But, wait a minute, do you know what is a smart fishing camera in the first place? Well, so keep reading and you will know. And you will also find out why Spydro is one of the next things that you must have in your fishing arsenal.

Spydro Underwater Fihing Camera - Package
Spydro Underwater Fishing Camera – Package

What exactly is Spydro?

Spydro, as I just said, is the very first smart fishing camera in the world today. It is a wireless underwater fishing camera. And It is by far the best fishing camera you can have nowadays. Even if we take away the “smart” feature from Spydro, it will still be the best fishing camera I know.

I will be honest with you guys, and excuse me all the other companies who produce fishing cameras. Till Spydro came in, a fishing camera meant an underwater camera that you can connect to a line and record whatever goes underwater. Then you needed to download all the videos and search for the preferred sections that you want in order to learn and share with your friends.

Don’t get me wrong. This is great, the fact that you can see what happened underwater when you were fishing, and learn from it, is awesome. And we can see many anglers using underwater cameras to better understand what was going on down there, so later they can re-think how to improve their fishing skills.

However, Spydro did a great thing by coupling inside their fishing camera so many new features and abilities that help anglers so much, that I can now proudly say, that finally there is a dedicated fishing camera that really understands your needs as an angler.

Important facts about Spydro Fishing camera

So, after playing around with Spydro and learned all about its’ features, I decided to divide all of them into four major groups:

  1. Smart fishing camera.
  2. Teach you fish better.
  3. Helps you catch more fish.
  4. Managing your fishing log.

Spydro is a smart fishing camera

A smart camera, In general, is a camera that records all the time but only stores what it is “interesting”. Of course, that Spydro, knows what it is interesting for you as an angler.

Let’s explain it a bit more. Whoever has a security camera knows that some cameras can be triggered when something “interesting” happens. For example, someone got into the camera’s frame. Or even when someone turns on the light etc. In addition, once an “interesting” event has happened, you can be notified about it, for example by receiving an SMS message directly to your phone.

On the other hand, having a regular camera can sometimes be very frustrating. I remember the day when someone banged my car while it parked. Luckily, I had a security camera above my parking lot (and I still have it). But it took me a long time to go thru all the film and find that specific moment which I was looking for.

Spydro Smart Fishing Camera - Bite Alarm
Spydro Smart Fishing Camera – Bite Alarm

Being smart is good…

So, the first thing that I liked about Spydro, is the fact that it lets us decide what we want it to record. In fishing, deciding to have those moments when a fish bites our bait can be a great example. So, when you finished your fishing trip, it won’t take you hours to go thru all the film and search for that specific bite. This specific feature does not exist, according to my knowledge, on any other fishing camera.

But, just in case you want to use spydro on your diving trip, you can set Spydro to record like a regular, non-smart, camera, and capture everything from the moment it is turned on.

Another smart feature of Spydro is night vision. So you can watch later videos where you were fishing and there was no proper light condition.

Teach you how to fish better.

Being smart saves you time

Today we see how the daily use of smart devices saves us time. So, since Spydro records and saves for you only the videos when the fish hits your bait, it will save you a lot of time in front of your computer. You can stop searching for that moment. It will save you hours of work each time.

The only thing that is left for you is to make yourself a good drink, sit back and watch those great videos. By the way, each video will start 15 seconds before the fish made that bite, and it will end 15 seconds after the fight with the fish is over.

This feature also provides you with the ability to upload and share your great catch using your phone, and without the need to return home and edit it. For example, you can upload the video while you on your boat directly to YouTube or Facebook.

Spydro Underwater Camera - Mobile App
Spydro Underwater Camera – Mobile App

Never run out of memory

Being that smart saves you not only your time but also space on the Spydro’s memory card. Assuming that a regular fishing camera has a recording time of 45 minutes, Spydro, on the other hand, stores only the videos when the fish made a bite. That is promising you that you won’t run out of memory and you won’t lose any important moment in your fishing. And just to make sure you understand, Spydro won’t run out of memory even after working for several hours, and it will still have free space.

Analyze your fishing

Well, no doubt, this is one of the great advantages of the Spydro fishing camera. Spydro is equipped with a gyro and several sensors that get all of the important details of the water. You can then analyze it, and by that see and learn from your success and from your failures, see how the fish reacts to your bait, and see where you were wrong. So you can improve your fishing skills the next time you go out fishing.

You can see, for example, if you placed the hook wrongly, see if you were trolling too fast, maybe you even trolled too high, or too deep. Moreover, you can compare the same place you fish in different seasons, and see how the fish respond to different water temperature.  And believe me, I can write here so many other examples about the ways you can learn from the details, that this smart underwater camera gives you.

See the unknown

Many anglers that are using an underwater camera, are using it when trolling. Well, during trolling, you don’t hold the rod in your hand. You also don’t look at the rod all the time. Especially if you have several fishing rods at the yacht (or boat). So, you are probably missing a lot of good action and interesting moments.

So, assuming you have a regular fishing camera, you are back home after several hours of fishing. That means, in other words, that you have a long 4 hours of video. I do not think that when you will be back home, you will sit in front of the computer for 4 hours watching this video.

And even if you will do it, sitting in front of the computer for several hours, won’t be something you will do every time, and not even most of the times. Because let’s face it, it is most will be a waste of time for you.

I do believe that you will do it only if you had a good reason for it, like a fish that got away.

Spydro Smart Underwater Fishing Camera - Bite Detection
Spydro Smart Underwater Fishing Camera – Bite Detection

No need to guess

But, thanks to Spydro, you don’t need to guess or wonder if something unusual happened underwater. Each video, of this fantastic underwater camera, that will be stored, means it is interesting. So, “suddenly” you see that you had 10 missed strikes. Suddenly you realize that the specific lure you used is not attractive enough for the fish. Suddenly you see that the 10 missed strikes were since the boat was sailing too fast for the fish…

You will be amazed at how many things Spydro can teach you about your fishing technics.

Battery Saver

It seems that Spydro thought about everything for us with this camera.

Think about the following scenario: you were fishing for 3 hours in a row, had several strikes attempts and then you caught this giant yellowfin tuna. After a long fight, you bring it to the boat. With all the excitement going on, you want to share it right away with your friends on Facebook. But that is exactly the moment you realized that you forgot to turn the camera on. Nooooooo….

Or maybe you didn’t forget to turn it on, but after 2 hours in the water the battery got low and the camera stopped working.

So relax, with Spydro you will never forget to turn it on. Why? This is because Spydro does not have a power button. Spydro will turn on automatically when it touches the water and will turn off automatically after it was taken away from the water. This brilliant feature makes sure you are not wasting your battery when you don’t need it.

It helps you catch more fish.

Yes, you read it right, Spydro can help you catch more fish! But how a camera can help you catch more fish? Well, this is sure a good question.

In fishing, we always look for new ways that attract fish and attack our bait or lure. Some people are using lure attractants in order to attract the fish with a lure that has an attractive smell on it.

VIB Fishing Lure Led Light
VIB Fishing Lure Led Light

The Spydro camera has a built-in light that will turn on when the light condition underwater is not good enough. Of course, you set this feature through their app. So you can control if you want the light to turn on in this situation or not. Well, as you probably know, some fish are attracted to light. We see that in different types of fishing lures. Some fishing lures are flashing. Some fishing lures have a light inside that turns on automatically when it hits the water, exactly like Spydro does.

For example, some fish, like squids, are also attracted to a certain amount of light. So, if you are after these monster squids, you better use the light feature within Spydro.

There are lots of fish that are attracted by light: salmon, halibut, rockfish, lingcod, mackerel, pike, trout, bass, walleye, carp, smithy, catfish, tilapia, snakehead, squid, Halibut and Kinki. So you can imagine how many fish Spydro can help you catch.

It’s better to see it

You can see in the following video, that this guy caught a decent squid, using a flasher in his rig. A flasher, in case you don’t know, is a flashing metal that you add to your rig which attracts fish.

After speaking with Spydro’s team for the last few weeks, I was informed that they will have other good features in Spydro, which will attract more fish to your bait.

Managing your fishing log.

Among all the other great features that we just mentioned with Spydro, there is yet another great one. Spydro is managing a fishing log for you. This feature of a fishing log is something you won’t find in any other fishing camera out there.

While Spydro is being used as a great underwater camera, after some time you will forget what you saw. And you won’t be able to track certain details about a fish or a place in an organized way. Especially if you are returning to a very specific place that you haven’t been there for a year or two.

But with Spydro, with a click of a button, you can see everything that happened at that certain place. What exactly happened. Which fish you caught and which fish you missed. What type of lures you used. When did you catch the fish and so many other important details… You need all of these details in order to assure you won’t lose another fish.

Managing a fishing log is very important, but it is something that already exists, and Spydro did not invent that. However, in contrary to all the other companies, where their fishing log is semi-automatic – meaning, you need to tell the device when you caught a fish, so the system will record the details at that specific moment. Spydro is fully automated, knowing exactly what happened and when it happened. So you don’t need to type or tell it that you caught a fish.

Compatible fishing styles with Spydro

Spydro is a great solution for many different types of fishing. Use it in trolling, in ice fishing, bottom fishing, drone fishing, kite fishing, in carp fishing and in any other fishing style that you cast your lure. It can even be used in float fishing since Spydro has a float of its own.

Another thing to consider is its weight. Spydro’s weight is 90 grams. So, you must be aware of your rod’s specifications, so you won’t break your rod next time you cast.

However, once Spydro is in the water, its weight won’t affect your presentation.

Spydro Smart Underwater Camera - Fish Hooked
Spydro Smart Underwater Camera – Fish Hooked

Attachments for Spydro

Since Spydro is defined as a fishing camera, it is important to mention that you can use Spydro also as a regular camera. You can even use it as an underwater camera. To do so, you can purchase separately (it does not arrive with its standard package) the camera holders. Currently, there are 3 different holders for Spydro. The first holder is like the one that GoPro has, so you can attach it to your head, chest, shoulder, etc. The second holder allows you to use it specifically for spearfishing. And the third holder allows you to hold the camera on a stick, like a selfie stick. So you can film while scuba diving.

In my opinion, the holders are a bit expensive – they trade for 39$. I would expect Spydro to sell them for less. But as for the overall price, when I compare them to other fishing cameras on the market… The price of Spydro is still reasonable and affordable.

Spydro Fishing Camera - Regular Holder and Spearfishing Holder
Spydro Fishing Camera – Regular Holder and Spearfishing Holder

Spydro Most Important Specifications

Of course, Spydro has a lot of technical details, however, I listed here the most important ones.

  • Memory Card: 16GB/32GB of Built-in class 10 micro SD-card.
  • WiFi: Range of 260 feet (80 meters).
  • Dept: up to 450 feet (150 meters).
  • Weight: 3.1 oz (90 grams)
  • Tension: 430 LB
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 1 x 1 inch (15 x 3 x 3 cm).
  • Battery Life: 3.5 hours
  • Camera: HD 1800p 30 fps / 720p 60 fps / 720p 30 fps
  • FOV: 130 degrees – Wide angle lens
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Sensors: Temperature, Salinity, Water, Turbidity

Comparing Spydro to other fishing cameras

Well, we compared Spydro with other fishing cameras on the market, and we found Spydro truly amazing. We compared Spydro with GoFish Camera. We also compared it to HookEye fishing camera. And we also compared it to Water Wolf fishing camera.


Most of the things that I mentioned here are features that I didn’t find on any other fishing camera.

I was truly amazed to see what Spydro is offering us, and how it can help in our fishing. It seems that Spydro thought about everything. And to be honest, even the price of Spydro was not shocking.

While some fishing cameras are being sold for 300$, and some even for 400$, You can purchase Spydro for 259$. Of course, there are other fishing cameras on the market that are being sold for less. But one thing is for sure, no matter what is the price, no one is offering what Spydro has. And a price tag of 259$ really worth it, and that is without mentioning other unique features of Spydro.

Remember I told you in the beginning that Spydro should be your next thing in your fishing arsenal? What do you think about it now? Do you agree? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to purchase Spydro Fishing Camera.

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