SPRY Drone Firmware Update – Updated March 2019

SPRY Drone Firmware Update

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SwellPro SPRY Drone Firmware Update

(Last Update: 28-March-2019)

During the last quarter of 2018 (October 2018), SwellPro announced their new drone, the SPRY drone.

Since then several updates were released. In order to be up-to-date with recent updates, you can visit SwellPro’s download page and download the relevant upgrade for your drone.

In general, SwellPro is suggesting all the SPRY drone owners to update their drone firmware. They also attached an instruction manual, which explains to you how to update the firmware properly.

Scroll down to download the Firmware Update for SPRY Drone, and don’t forget first to read the instructions.

SPRY Drone Firmware Update – Before you upgrade

Before you rush to install the SPRY drone firmware update, it is highly important to know that for Spry drones with serial numbers after 1912-SPRY-0400-VO1 (for example: 1912-SPRY-0401-VO1, 1912-SPRY-0402-VO1, 1912-SPRY-0403-VO1…) you can ONLY upgrade with newest camera firmware

And for SPRY drones with serial numbers before 1912-SPRY-0400-VO1 (for example: 1911-SPRY-0000-VO1, 1911-SPRY-0001-VO1, 1912-SPRY-0002-VO1…) you  can ONLY upgrade with old camera firmware
If not, Spry camera can’t power on and will damage camera main board. 

So, let’s get the job done

Here are all the links you need:

SPRY Firmware Update Instruction Manual V2.3 – Released on 10th April 2019.

SPRY User Manual V3.1 – The English version which was released on 2nd April 2019.

The latest SPRY drone firmware update by SwellPro was released on 18th March 2019.

If you are not sure about your SN before you upgrade, drop us an email or contact SwellPro support team for assistance.

Make sure to follow all the instructions until you finish to update the firmware.

Good luck! and let us know if you have any issues with updating the firmware so we can help you out with it.


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5 thoughts on “SPRY Drone Firmware Update – Updated March 2019”

  1. I’m having trouble with my Spry not being recognized when I try to update the firmware (controller too). I’ve tried at least 3 lightning data cables, but nothing works. Also, I just received my Spry last night, and that small square piece under the GPS that helps secure the battery compartment broke. Has anyone else had that problem? It’s well built overall, but if that small square tab breaks, on the first day (following the manual), it’s an Achilles heel to the whole waterproof design. Thanks.

  2. Just bought a Spry, won’t fly well at all, trying to update firmware, on their page it says 2019 but the file is a BIN file and can’t be opened, not sure what to do.. when I install the one you have 2018… the controller acts fine but the drone is supposed to automatically restart and vibrate but nothing happens. Also the 00000000 password for WiFi says incorrect password… I’m not happy yet….

  3. I am the proud new owner of a spry and a novice to the field. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me. I am interested in getting fpv googles to complement my drone. Do I have to get swellpro googles or can I purchase other fpv googles to use with it. I was thinking fatshark or can you suggest a pair that would work with it. I look forward to your response and thank you!!!

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