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SwellPro SplashDrone 3+ Power Button

The SplashDrone 3+ has a new add-on, which is the SplashDrone 3+ Power Button. Well, it seems that SwellPro is improving their drones all the time, and every few months there is a new upgrade to their drones.

Sometimes the updates are related to their firmware and sometimes, like this time, is a new feature in the drone structure.

In case you aren’t familiar with the SplashDrone 3+, turning the drone was by opening the GPS cover. Then, you had to connect the battery to its cable inside the drone. And from that point, the drone is on. The same goes when you wanted to turn it off, for that you had to open the GPS cover again and disconnect the battery. This is very annoying. And since this process was not comfortable, most people, and you as well probably left it on. That of course, till the battery went dead.

It’s the Power Button Time

Well, from now on, these days of opening the GPS cover are over. SwellPro added a simple power button, allowing you to push it on or off as you need. So now you use your battery only when you need it. And from now on you need to open the GPS cover only when you need to change a battery. Very simple, if you want to save your battery just click on the SplashDrone 3+ power button, which, by the way, is positioned at the bottom of the drone.

SplashDrone 3+ Battery Power Button Position

Simply push the power button in order to turn on or off the drone. And save your battery life and get more flight time from your drone with ease.

The power button, like the rest of the drone’s parts, is completely waterproof and will save you time and protect your drone at the same time.

That’s it for now, and if you have your own suggestions to improve the SplashDrone 3+, Let us know about that in the comment sections.  Like always, till the next time, tight lines and fly safely.


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12 thoughts on “SplashDrone 3+ Power Button”

          1. If you don’t have the version with the power button, you will need to purchase an empty aircraft, which supports the power button.
            Let me know if you are interested, we will help you out.

  1. I have the 3+ with the power button and have just bought a board that doesn’t have the on off switch on it can I get just the on off switch board to put on to the new board that’s without it?

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