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After the last announcement of SkyClip about their Commander device, SkyClip is coming soon with a new device for the X380 drone.  As I am sure not many of you are familiar with this drone, I would also guess that some of you never heard this X380 name yet. So, for all of you drone fishing lovers, I have good news for you in this post, so make sure you read this post entirely.

The X380 drone is one of the surprising drones in the market. After examing and testing the drone, it was quite easy to notice that this drone is no toy. It is a decent drone, with decent lifting capabilities (up to 1Kg). So, matching this drone with a good bait dropping device will provide you with the best fishing drone for around 250 dollars.

Having said that, SkyClip noticed the rise in interest for this drone and hence decided to release a matching bait dropping device for this drone. So, coming soon, around 2 weeks from now, SkyClip will send us their new SkyClip for the X380 drone.

This will definitely be categorized as the best fishing drone for beginners – especially for those who would like to enter this type of fishing without spending too much money.

250$ is a game-changer in the drone fishing market. Before the X380, starting drone fishing would have cost you around 400$ which includes the drone 300$ and 100$ for a bait-dropping device.

As much as it is not official, coming soon, the SkyClip for X380 will cost you around 85$

So, around the end of January, we will be expecting to receive the first units of the SkyClip for the X380 drone.  So,


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