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Above and below the water – that’s it! We began as a blog created by a group of good mates living on the South West coast of Australia. The blog SEAULCER.TV was our way to show and share the life we were living and the adventures that followed.

A lot of time in the water meant we always had reef cuts, but they weren’t too bad when you’re a stoked grom having a hell time! When the surf is pumping or water is clear who cares about a sea ulcer when you can get barrelled or nail a good fish. Sea ulcers were a common consequence of our water lifestyle so we embraced the name.

As time went on, the team ventured in different directions, but I kept it going with my vision of one day turning Sea Ulcer in something amazing. Byron and I met while we were diving for crayfish, we shared the same passion and began brainstorming future ideas together.

Chatting over a beer one afternoon, we asked ourselves a question: “Could you catch a fish with a drone?” Intrigued to find out if it was possible, we designed and built a homemade drone attachment, turning our crazy idea into reality! It was the most exciting moment of our lives and something we will never forget. During the very first attempt of drone fishing we hooked and landed a 22 KG tuna from the beach! It was freaking crazy and un-be-lie-va-ble!!!

We filmed and shared the catch in a YouTube video called: Drone Fishing For Tuna. It was revolutionary! Everybody was stoked on the idea and wanted to experience drone fishing for themselves so from that day our dream was to make this experience accessible to everyone.

We started our journey as entrepreneurs, committing to inventing and testing a totally new and unique drone fishing attachment to share with the world. And believe me it wasn’t easy but as always, we had fun during the process and enjoyed the journey. Pouring all our assets in to make it happen only added risk but after 18 months of research, development and testing prototypes, without losing a single drone, our entrepreneurial spirit and hard work had paid off: SKY RIGGER – The world’s first drone fishing accessory developed, designed and tested by Sea Ulcer.

SKY RIGGER is now the ultimate drone fishing accessory available.

From here our journey continues with you – we want to see everyone involved and help share the stoke, because good times with your mates is what it’s all about!

Jaiden Maclean

Sky Rigger Vision

All things water!

Sea Ulcer’s vision is to share water experiences by creating content that inspires adventure, while developing innovative and reliable products to make those adventures unforgettable.

A desire to innovate

Sky Rigger A desire to innovate

We’re driven to explore limits and go beyond the expected with a real advantage above.

A connection to water

Sky Rigger A connection to water

Nothing is more fun and exciting than to be inspired by Mother Nature – it’s what we live for.

An adventurous spirit

Sky Rigger An adventurous spirit

Above and below the water is our life, and we’re forever planning the next adventure.

Friendship and inclusivity

Sky Rigger Friendship and inclusivity

Hell times with anyone and everyone, because experiences are better shared with your mates.

A sustainable approach

Sky Rigger A sustainable approach

Future generations should be able to enjoy the ocean as much as we do, so we make sure we look after it and take only what we need.

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