About Robotic Fishing Lures...

Robotic Lures are unique fishing lures that that are electronically programmed to mimic the way a real fish swims or moves. Once they fully submerged under water, the robotic lure will starts to swim on its own. The biggest advantage of the robotic lure is the real life-like movement of the lure, makes fish and even people to think it is a real living fish.

The first robotic lure that was came out to market was vibrating under the water, attracting fish. This type of robotic lure had a huge success among freshwater fishermen. While this specific lure still works well, a couple of years later, the fishing lures market was introduced by a new type of robotic lure. This time it was the time of the turn of the Robotic swimming lure.

Today, there are dozens of different styles for the robotic swimming lure, and also different sizes. The robotic vibrating lure, on the other hand, did not change dramatically during the years – since there is no need as it is working good enough.

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