QYSEA FIFISH V6 Pre Orders has begun

QYSEA FIFISH V6 underwater drone Let the Pre order begin

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QYSEA FIFISH V6 Pre Orders are accepted

On April 2019, QYSEA announced their new FIFISH V6 underwater drone  A month later, on May 2019, after several questions to QYSEA, asking when the FIFISH V6 Pre-orders will begin, QYSEA decided to accept pre-orders for their new underwater drone, the V6. 

Having this underwater drone in the market, the competition is about to grow with this V6 game changer. In days where Gladius Mini is getting most of the attention. Let’s see how things will change with the new FIFISH V6 underwater drone.

No doubt, the V6 raised the expectations from an underwater drone. It will be interesting to see how other companies will respond to this release.

The price is competitive as well. You can make a FIFISH V6 pre-order with different accessories. Including VR and HDMI BOX. The simple package is 1599$ which includes the 50 meters tether. For 1799$ you will get the V6 with 100 meters tether.

For the pre-orders period only, for both editions, the 50 meters, and the 100 meters, the price will also include a free express shipping (door-to-door) and a free VR Goggles. After FIFISH V6 pre-orders period will end, you will need to pay an extra 150$ for shipping and 100$ in case you want the VR Goggles. So, for now, you will get a 250$ value gift.

Once the FIFISH V6 pre-orders period will end, having the VR Goggles will cost you an additional 100$, and the HDMI box will cost you an additional 200$.

Introduction of the FIFISH V6

Before you make a FIFISH V6 preorder, here is a short video that will introduce you with this truly amazing underwater drone.


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