QYSEA Announced FIFISH V6 Plus

QYSEA announced FIFISH V6 Plus

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QYSEA Announced FIFISH V6 Plus

If you are into new technology and underwater drones, you must have heard about that QYSEA announced FIFISH V6 Plus. To make story short, it seems that the best underwater drone (FIFISH V6) just got better. But don’t expect it to be at the same price range.

It’s been only 1 year since CES 2019 when QYSEA introduced the world with its high-end underwater drone – the FIFISH V6. I was blown away with its design and capabilities. It was the first Omni-directional underwater drone that is offered at an affordable retail price.

And now, a year after, 2020, QYSEA is shocking us again with not less than 4 new underwater drones. One of them is an improved version of the known FIFISH V6, which is called FIFISH V6 Plus. The other 3 are called FIFISH V6S, FIFISH W6, and FIFISH Z1.

New features of the FIFISH V6 Plus

QYSEA FIFISH V6 Plus attachments

This time I will concentrate on FIFISH V6 Plus, as this is going to be relevant for the commercial sector. The others are relevant to the industrial sector. I will explain more about the other two underwater drones later on.

Till then, here are the man improved features of the FIFISH V Plus:

  • Adding a more stable power system.
  • A new imaging sonar system.
  • An underwater positioning system.
  • Higher lighting brightness.
  • Longer battery life – Up to 8 hours (no, it is not a typo in our post :)).
  • Dive deeper.

As the FIFISH V6 was nominated as the best underwater drone of 2019, the FIFISH V6 Plus is probably going to be the best underwater drone for 2020.

Comparison between FIFISH V6 to FIFISH V6 Plus


Right after QYSEA announced FIFISH V6 Plus, I took the specs of both drones, compared the two. And now I am about to show you the additional features and improvements of the FIFISH V6 Plus.

The FIFISH V6 that we know, has the following:

  • Tear Drop Shaped Award Winning Design.
  • Smart Thruster Array™ Featuring 6 Vectored Thruster Power System.
  • Thruster Design and Positioning Offers Unmatched Maneuverability With 6 Degrees of Freedom.
  • Movement: Left /Right, Up/Down, & Forward/Backward.
  • Rotation: 360 Degree Yaw, 360 Degree Pitch, & 360 Degree Roll.
  • Posture Lock™ Enables ROV Hold Position and Depth.
  • 4K UHD Recording Capability.
  • True Color™ Image Algorithms
  • 100 Meter Depth Rating.
  • 4,000 Lumen Light.
  • 3 Knots Speed (1.5m/s).
  • Lightweight Portable Design.
  • Passive Add-on Attachments.

But, the FIFISH V6 Plus is improved and offers also:

  • Stability for ROV movement.
  • Durability for key components
  • Usability for many accessories.
  • Adaptability for many underwater working environments.
  • Q-Motor Power System (more stable and more efficient).
  • 156 Wh Battery Capacity.
  • 6,000 Lumen Light.
  • Active Add-on Attachments (Grabber ARM and any Sensor)
  • Sonar Distance Lock (DLCA)
  • QPS (Quick Positioning System)

A short summary of FIFISH V6 vs FIFISH V6 Plus

Working TimeNormal Conditions4 hours8 hours
Strong Current1 hour2 hours
Speed3 knots3.2 knots
Motor Life Cycle300 hours600 hours
Led (Lumens)4000 lumens6000 Lumens
Battery Capacity97.2 Wh156Wh
Collision Sonar & Range SonarN/AEmbedded
Attachment ToolsPassive (no-power)Active (+12v):

Grabber ARMs

Underwater Positioning System

Second Camera

Laser Scaler

Q-UPS QYSEA Underwater Positioning SystemN/AApplicable for automated underwater positioning

Now we need to wait

Well, even though QYSEA announced FIFISH V6 Plus, we still need to wait for its formal release to market. In the meantime, QYSEA told us that the FIFISH V6 Plus is planned to be available around May 2020 – This is of course did not happen and in the meantime, QYSEA announced the release of the FIFISH V6S. We are waiting for further notice by QYSEA which is expected to be announced soon.

I, of course, will update you right when it will be available with all the other relevant information.


If you are an enthusiast like me, you probably going to wait for the new QYSEA FIFIFSH V6 Plus. I am sure that I am not the only one :).

Let me know what do you think about the new FIFISH V6 Plus. What other features do you think QYSEA needs to work for their 2021?

Let me know that in the comments section below. Till the next time, be safe.

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10 thoughts on “QYSEA Announced FIFISH V6 Plus”

  1. Hi.
    Now we are in 2021 and the V6 Plus is still not available? What happend?
    I’m looking for an underwater drone with a robotic arm. Shall I take the V6s or shall I wait for the V6 Plus?
    Regards, Amor

    1. Hi Amor, if you need an ROV with a robotic arm, I highly suggest you take the V6S for 2 main reasons. First, it is available and the feedbacks about it are fantastic. Second, keep in mind that the Plus version is going to be way more expensive than the V6S.

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