Waterlily Turbine 12V Charger


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Waterlily Turbine 12V Charger is a portable Charger. It charges up to 15W, Charges All USB Devices. Use it for Camping to Charge all your Cell Phones, Lights, Speakers.

Use this Portable Power charger for Camping, Outdoors, Fishing, Hunting and more…

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Waterlily Turbine 12V Charger

Power devices with a 12V input with WaterLily 12V, from high-end lithium generators to lead-acid batteries. WaterLily’s patented hydro-electric charge technology allows you to get limitless power for your 12V devices at any time of day. Perfect for power in tents and trailers, or as an emergency power supply.

  • Charge lithium generators, lead-acid batteries, portable power stations and more
  • Ideal for trailer camping, RVing, emergency prepping and off-grid living
  • Up to 15 watts of power at 14.6V via SAE connector
  • Connect two or more WaterLily 12Vs in parallel to generate more power
  • Durable design, built to last and can run for days on end
  • Bonus Car Accessory Adapter included with each WaterLily 12V
In an average river, WaterLily can charge most small electronics at the same rate as a wall-charger.
The faster the water flow, the more power WaterLily can generate, up to 15 watts.
Multiple 12Vs can be chained together to double, triple, or further multiply the power output.

Typical Charge Times in Hours

Sherpa 100

Yeti 150

Mavic Air

GH5 Battery
Slow Creek3867115 ½
Average River1933 ½5 ½2 ½
Fast Stream9 ½172 ½1 ½
The good thing about charging with water is that there is power available day or night, sun or cloud. Even if you have a large capacity device, charging it overnight with WaterLily will have you ready for the next day’s adventure.

Power in Any Weather

WaterLily Turbine doesn’t rely on the sun as solar panels do. This way, WaterLily Turbine can charge your devices in the rain, fog, or shade.

Power 24hrs Per Day

Unlike solar panels, WaterLily can generate power 24 hours per day, meaning you can charge your devices anytime, even overnight while you sleep. In fact, WaterLily can produce as much power in 24 hours as a 100 Watt solar panel, but at a fraction of the cost.

Power for All Your Devices

WaterLily can charge any 12V device, from high-end power banks to regular lead-acid batteries. It’s perfect for RVers, boaters, cabin owners, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Output and Connectors:

Output: DC 14.6V
Up to 2A
Up to 15W
Connector: 2-Pin SAE
Charge Cord Length: 10 feet (3.05 meters)

Weight and Dimensions:

2.85 lb (1.3kg)
7” diameter x 3” thick (180mm x 76mm)

In Water:

Minimum flow required: 1 km/h (0.7 mph)
Flow for peak power output (15 W): 11.5 km/h (7.2 mph)
Maximum water speed: 15 km/h (9 mph)

In The Box

  • WaterLily 12V
  • User manual
  • 25′ 550 paracord
  • 2 stainless steel carabiners
  • 4 300mm stainless steel lanyards
  • SAE to car accessory adapter


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