VIFLY Finder Mini


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  • Weighs only 2.7g, perfect battery-powered drone buzzer for compact build and small drones.
  • The loudest buzzer can be found in this tiny size, the volume can be up to 100dB.
  • Alarm manually with your radio or beep automatically when the quad battery ejected.
  • Two ways to disarm the buzzer, via the button on the buzzer or plug-in-out the quad battery.
  • Be compatible with FPV racing drone and fixed-wing quad.


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VIFLY Finder Mini
Smaller Version of VIFLY Finder 2
Perfect Buzzer for Compact Build
Kindly note that due to the new rules of the European Union, customers within Europe (except United Kingdon) will be charged 30% more after placing their orders.  
VIFLY Finder Mini – Perfect Buzzer for Compact Build
VIFLY Finder Mini is a smaller version of VIFLY Finder 2, weighs only 2.7g that would be the perfect drone buzzer for a compact build. After searching and testing a large number of beepers, VIFLY Finder Mini uses the loudest buzzer that can be found in this tiny size, the volume can be up to 100 dB. Almost half the size and weight of VIFLY Finder 2, but the volume is not lowered too much.
Comparison Table – VIFLY Finder Mini VS VIFLY Finder 2
VIFLY Finder Mini vs Finder 2
Size(L x W x H): 19x11x12 mm
Weight: 2.7 grams
Volume: Up to 100 dB
Working Time: Up to 7 hours
Battery: 40mAh LiPo
Light Sensor: No
Applicable models: Compact Size Build


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