Tauten LineWelder Full System (TLW1000-ST)


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  • Never tie knots again attach hooks and lures with ease in only 30 seconds
  • Our fishing knot tying tool makes attaching two lines together simple and secure
  • Don’t risk missing the big one – eliminate knots and you eliminate the weak point of a line
  • Makes the perfect gift for any fisherman!
  • Includes 1 LineWelder, EVA HardCase, 100 yd spool of pre-treated Tauten MonoWeld line, 1 Outrigger Line Clamp, 1 Base Mount, Box of 3 Welding Cartridges, USB cable & 1 power supply


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Tauten LineWelder - Caught a fish

The Tauten LineWelder is a handheld, battery-operated device that bonds .013″ diameter fishing line (approx. 10-12 lb test monofilament, 10-12 lb test fluorocarbon and 10-50 lb test braid) in less than a minute!

Tauten LineWelder Package

The Tauten LineWelder package includes:

  • LineWelder controller & welding head
  • Outrigger Line Clamp accessory
  • Tauten Base Mount accessory
  • Box of 3 Welding Cartridges (up to 36 LineWelds)
  • 24 LineWipe alcohol pads
  • USB power supply & 12″ micro-USB charging cable
  • 100 yd spool Tauten MonoWeld pre-treated fishing line

Key Features

  • Get full line strength – The joint produced by the Tauten LineWelder doesn’t damage the line in exceeds line strength.
  • Attach braid-to-monofilament – Attach two lines together with ease using the Outrigger Line Clamp accessory (included).

  • Create robust line connections The LineWeld allows for free movement of the hook or lure, and there is no weed pick-up because of its smooth shape and finish.  Trim the tag end flush with the Tauten LineCutter (not included) for an even slicker result!

  • Get Back to fishing, FASTER – Bond lines with a few easy steps in just 35 seconds! See all the steps below!

The perfect gift for your favorite fisherman!

Whether they have trouble tying pesky knots, or just want to get the most out of their lines the Tauten LineWelder makes fishing easy for any angler!

Tauten LineWelding is easy!

The way you use Tauten LineWelder is very easy and will take you only 35 seconds to get back to your fishing.

Tauten LineWelder - Step 1 - Clean LinesTauten LineWelder - Step 2 - Insert into WelderTauten LineWelder - Step 3 - Press GOTauten LineWelder - Step 4 - Get Fishing

Step 1 – Clean Lines

Step 2 – Insert into Welder

Step 3 – Press GO!

Step 4 – Get Fishing!

Unless you’re using Tauten Monoweld pre-treated line (included), wipe down your lines with a LineWipe alcohol pad (also included).Lay your lines into the welding head.Press the blue “GO” button and take a break while the LineWelder does its thing!In around 30 seconds you’re ready to get fishing; not curing or cooling time required!

The Tauten Promise

At Tauten Sports we are committed to peerless customer experience and stand by our high-quality products. We would be happy to answer any of your questions any time, and promise you’ll be satisfied with your purchase!

Remember; for best results, we recommend operating between 55 and 90 deg. F, using .013″ diameter or smaller lines (typically 12 lb monofilament/fluorocarbon and 50 lb braid), after cleaning lines thoroughly (15-18 wipes) with an alcohol pad (included) before use.



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