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SwellPro S3 FPV Goggles – The neatest first-person-view video goggles

SwellPro S3 FPV Goggles are the neatest FPV (first person view) video goggles with high sensitivity and high-resolution display for all SwellPro drones, DJI and more…


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SwellPro S3 FPV Goggles – The most neat first-person-view video goggles

SwellPro S3 FPV Goggles are the most neat FPV (first person view) video goggles with high sensitivity and high resolution display for all SwellPro drones, DJI and more..

  1. The SwellPro S3 FPV Goggles features large size LED screen with high resolution display and wider field of view. Hence, it is providing a better immersive fly experience.
  2. The built-in video diversity offers 48 channels, which can automatically be selected with a single button.
  3. The onmi-directional receiver antennas ensure stable video connection in all directions.
  4. The S3 FPV Goggles are ergonomically designed for best wearing comfort.
  5. The interplanetary distance can be adjusted to fit your eyes.
  6. SwellPro S3 FPV Goggles is able to record video and play it back at a later time. Of course that AV in and out are supported.
  7. The storage supports TF card up to 32GB.
  8. The S3 FPV Goggles are compatible with Splash Drone, DJI  and most of the mainstream 5.8G video transmitters.

True Immersive Fly

See instantly what the drone’s camera see with low latency. Two 40 degree field of view screens create a better immersive visual experience like never before. Fly your drone like you were in the cockpit.

Reliable Connection

Two 5.8G diversity receiver modules boast higher sensitivity than most of the receivers on the market, which ensures stable image quality at all times, in all directions.


Keep interference out of your way with 48 frequency channel options. Just press the auto-search button to let S3 pick the best channel for you.

More Crisp View

Giving up traditional small lcos display, S3 adopts two large LED displays with high resolution and high brightness so that can you see more details and color in the live stream.

Human-Friendly Design

The eye-cups & headband of the S3 Googles are ergonomically designed for maximum wearing comfort.

The position of optic lens can be adjusted to fit your eyes.

Real-time Recording

You can record flight video to the TF card. The S3 Goggles are built-in with DVR and playback, so you can watch the video at a later time.


The S3 FPV goggles are not only built for SwellPro drones. It also works seamlessly with all mainstream 5.8G video transmitters on the market.

Main Specifications of the SwellPro S3 FPV Goggles

  • Weight: 278g
  • Goggle dimensions: 175×102.68mm
  • FOV: 40 degree(monocular)
  • Antenna sensitivity: 3~5DB
  • SMA: RP-SMA jack
  • Screen resolution (Double screens): 960×240
  • Refresh rate: NTSC 60Hz, PAL 50Hz
  • Adjustable Interpupillary Distance: 58 – 63mm
  • Working frequency: 5.8GHz
  • Channel: 48
  • Battery capacity: 3.7v 1500mAh
  • Battery life: 1 Hour
  • Working environment temperature: 32℉(0℃) – 104℉(40℃)
  • AV in and out support
  • Brightness and contrast adjustable
  • Support up to 32GB TF card
  • Charger input: DC6-28V (2S~6S JST charger lithium battery) / standard 7.4V/1800mAh

Package contains:

  • S3 FPV Googles
  • 3.7v 15000mah Lipo battery
  • 2 x  5.8G antennas
  • 7.4c 1800mah Lipo battery
  • Power cord
  • User manual



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