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Spydro is a smart fishing camera that intelligently:

  1. Captures action videos of fish biting your lures.
  2. Syncs the videos to your mobile device.
  3. Simultaneously, logs the location and environmental data with each video it captures.
  4. Map the strikes and create the fishing route of your day’s catch!
150 Depth Depth RatingFull HD 1080pLight Correction
130° FOVMagnetic ChargeSmart Camera

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Spydro  – Smart Underwater Fishing Camera

Spydro is the best fishing camera for 2019, and you can read our full review on it here.

The World’s First Smart Fishing Camera – Spydro Fishing Camera

Spydro is a smart fishing camera that intelligently captures action videos of fish biting your lures. Spydro fishing camera syncs the short videos to your mobile device as soon as you get the catch above water. Simultaneously, it logs the location and environmental data with each video it captures. In addition, its app will map the strikes and create the fishing route of your day’s catch!

With Action Moments Recording (AMR), Spydro will only record moments of interest. For example, when a fish takes a lure, Spydro will detect the Action Moment and start recording the fight. Then as soon as it resurfaces, it will seamlessly sync that captured video for instant viewing and sharing. Spydro is so smart it even adds the seconds prior to the bite on to the captured video. There is no longer the need to download, browse and manually edit lengthy fishing footage. It just captures the best and filters the rest.

Spydro Notable Features

Here are some of the great features of Spydro Underwater Fishing Camera

  • Wide-Angle Video Camera
  • Bite / Strike Detection
  • Instant Video Sync
  • Fishing Log & Route Map
  • Temperature, Salinity & Turbidity
  • Depth 450 ft/150 m
  • Share through Social Media
  • iOS & Android App

Advanced Technology

Beyond Spydro’s advanced technology, significant research was done into engineering its unique hydrodynamic shape. This fishing camera can go as deep as 360 ft, it has no buttons nor caps, it turns on/off based on water contact, it has a built-in SD card (16 or 32 GB), marine-grade resistivity and is fully stabilized for high speed trolling.

Its unique shape and accompanying accessories provide the flexibility to adjust its orientation for full range fishing styles such as: trolling, surf fishing, bottom, and float bait fishing, as well as kayak fishing.

Technical Specifications

  • 3.5 Hours Battery Life Recording
  • FULL-HD 1080p 30fps or 720p 60/30 fps
  • Size: 14 cm Weight: 90 gr
  • 32GB Built-in SD card
  • WiFi range up to 260 ft/ 80m
  • Advanced stabilized body
  • Night Vision
  • Magnetic Charger

Spydro Fishing Camera - Features and Specs

Fishing Camera Package Content

  • Spydro Fishing Camera
  • Built-in SD Card
  • Float
  • Magnetic USB Cable
  • Weight
  • Weight Holder
  • Waterproof Bag

New Weight System

Spydro upgraded the weight system to be more stable and easy to assemble.

Spydro Weight Holder


What if there is no connection/internet/satellite service at sea, how can I connect to Spydro?

Spydro is a Wi-Fi hotspot. Simply put, Spydro creates a Wi-Fi connection that you connect to with a mobile device.
Through this connection, it sends you videos, notifications and live stream footage. There is no need for any service or satellite connection.

Do I need to edit my catch videos before sharing them?

No, there is no need to edit long underwater footage anymore!
Spydro is a smart fishing camera that, through its many smart sensors, detects any fishing bites that might occur and begins recording (along with the addition of the 10 seconds previous to the bite). These videos are then transmitted to your phone for instant viewing and sharing.

Though, if you wish, Spydro has a mode allowing it constantly recording. It’s a simple tap of the button on your phone to change between the many modes.

Does it Live stream from underwater?

Unfortunately, no. Wi-Fi doesn’t work underwater. Instead, it transmits the short action videos it captures to your mobile device as soon as it resurfaces.
So as you reel in, or change lures/bait you can learn from the videos Spydro just captured.

Though, it can transmit live video to your mobile device if you use Spydro as a float/bobber. This allows you to get live, bird’s eye view of your fishing environment.

What happens if the line breaks?

To avoid this, use a heavier fishing line to connect its tail to your rod, and a thinner leader from its front to your lure/bait. This will ensure higher chances of the leader breaking instead of your mainline, and thus keeping Spydro attached.

Also, Spydro, if not accessorized with heavyweights, floats to the surface. So in the case of both lines snapping, it’s a matter of picking Spydro up from the water.

How many hours of recording can be saved on the 32GB memory card?

The 32GB memory card can store up to 7 hours of high-resolution video.

How do I turn Spydro on/off without any buttons?

You don’t need to do anything, it turns on with the detection of water on its top sensor, it turns off when it’s out of the water so you never forget to turn it on or off.
In addition, you can always turn it off with a tap of a button on the Spydro mobile app.

How long is its battery life?

Spydro’s battery lasts 3.5 hours on a single charge.

How deep can it go?

Spydro’s maximum tested depth is 360 Feet.

How far from my Lure should I place Spydro on my fishing line?

Normally it is placed 2-5 feet from your lure, on your line.

What are Spydro’s dimensions?

15X3X3 Cm (6X1x1 Inch)
Weight 90Gr (3.1 oz)


Boat Mount

No, Yes [Extra 30.00$]


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