SkyClip for XIAOMI


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Great Bait Dropping Device for Fishing

Small Sized

Lightweight (24 grams)

Easy to install and remove

No Batteries are needed

No Sensors or Lights being blocked

Safe to your drone (automatic bait release in case of jamming)


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SkyClip for XIAOMI

SkyClip for XIAOMI is a REVOLUTIONARY – small sizes, lightweight, self-contained device.

It is one of the safest systems for Drone Fishing in the world. It is a durable mechanical bait release device designed for the safety of your XIAOMI Drone while fishing.

Featuring an automatic Release when the Reel is jamming or overloaded.

It has a Stainless Steel mechanism which is integrated into a 3D Printed mount.

The SkyClip for XIAOMI is not using any sensors nor Batteries in order to work.

SkyClip is having the payload release device for other drones as well, like DJI Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Mavic, Spark, and for SJRC S70W.

SkyClip Installation Tutorial

The bait dropping device of the SkyClip for XIAOMI is extremely simple to install and will take you only a few seconds in order to mount it properly on the drone.

As well as loading the bait to the device is possible with one of your hands while the drone is hovering in the air.

Here is a video showing how to install the SkyClip. The following installation video is not for the SkyClip for XIAOMI drone, but for DJI Phantom. However, the idea is completely the same. So, just make sure to follow the steps and you will be fine.



24.3 grams

Drones Compatability

Phantom 3 & Phantom 4


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