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SkyClip for Mavic Air 2 – Great Bait Dropping Device for Fishing

SkyClip for Mavic Air is constructed from durable Polyamide plastic. and a corrosion-resistant high-quality Stainless Steel spring ball plunger system. This precision mechanical bait release is incredibly reliable and the tension force is preset at the factory to suit the drone’s maximum load capacity!

Small Sized

Easy to install and remove

No Batteries are needed

No Sensors or Lights being blocked

Safe to your drone (automatic bait release in case of jamming)


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SkyClip for Mavic Air 2

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SkyClip for Mavic Air 2 is a REVOLUTIONARY – small sizes, lightweight, self-contained device.

It is one of the safest systems for Drone Fishing in the world. It is a durable mechanical bait release device designed for the safety of your drone while you are fishing.

Featuring an automatic Release when the Reel is jamming or overloaded.

What makes SkyClip different

Unlike many of its competitors, SkyClip utilizes a calibrated and qualified stainless-steel spring ball plunger system, making it incredibly reliable and corrosion-resistant – perfect for use above and in saltwater environments.
Another important difference is the max tension is adjusted and preset at the factory to never exceed the specific drones carrying capacity – making it incredibly safe and ‘TO THE LIMIT’.

By using a drop loop of 0.40mm diameter line, the tension force applied will always remain the same during releasing of the baits – This is very important for the Safety of the Drone. Tension down from the max limit can be adjusted via a stainless-steel set screw to cater to different diameter lines and weights. Skyclip’s tension release mechanism massively reduces the chance of losing your drone due to reel bind or line snags, and SkyClip is awesome for trawling baits and lures.


SkyClip for Mavic Air 2 features a corrosion-resistant Ball Spring Plunger that is constructed from AISI 303 Stainless Steel and RoHS qualified. The ball spring plungers feature a hardened stainless-Steel ball, Stainless Steel Spring, with 16 Newtons end force capability
All SkyClip tension release mechanisms are calibrated in the factory to the drones maximum lifting capacity – So there can be no chance of over-loading your drone
By maintaining a drop loop of standard diameter line of .40mm, the tension force applied will always remain the same during releasing of the baits – This is very important for the Safety of the Drone.
SkyClip for Mavic Air 2 is lightweight, easy to attach, and extremely strong providing years of service.
SkyClip is designed and manufactured so it does not interfere with your drones VPS (Visual Positioning Sensors). And when connected – maintain a correct center of balance.

The SkyClip for Mavic Air 2 is not using any sensors nor Batteries in order to work. It can be used on all Mavic series Drones.


Attach the SkyClip onto the Drone belly or landing gear, depending on the Drone you have purchased it for and strap on the O-rings to lock it in place. Insert the DROP LOOP line in the ball slot of the Bait release until it locks in place. Please make sure to use a 0.40mm Drop loop line thickness from 50cm to 3m length. Take-off the Drone and reach a defined safety height of 20 meters above sea level – usually and after having baited the hooks. Do not forget to OPEN the bail arm of your reel or loosen the drag before flying out your baits.


Fly the drone out over the water at high speed and make sure that your line does not touch the water during the flight. (Keep the line taught during flight – hold it in your hand lightly and let it slide through your fingers for better control) Once you reach the distance that you want to drop your bait, just close the bail arm of your reel, or brake the reel unwinding with your hand so that the line stops bailing out but DO NOT slow down the drone and keep the speed constant so the line will release automatically. Finally, bring back the Drone to Shore. Always repeat the same procedure.


In order to enjoy your product for many years to come, you must follow these instructions ALWAYS. All SkyClip Tension release mechanisms are made from marine grade Stainless Steel and will not rust or corrode and are expected to last for many years, but this does not mean that maintenance is not required. Like any other parts which are often exposed to saltwater environments, it is mandatory after every fishing trip and before storing the SkyClip to wipe off the ball slot mechanism with a moist cloth rinsed in freshwater and make sure it dries off. You then lubricate the ball slot with a small quantity of anti-corrosion spray or a fine machine oil and then store it. If these procedures are not followed the Stainless Steel parts might react with the salt and form a thin film on the mechanism balls and may degrade release precision which has been calibrated from the factory, and furthermore void your warranty caused by prolonged exposure to saltwater environments.
Happy Drone Fishing


24.3 grams

Drones Compatability

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