Robotic Vibrating Lure 5″


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The robotic vibrating lure is not only vibrating but also flashing under the water, increasing your chances of catching bigger fish. Fish will fight over this vibrating minnow. Available in 7 different styles. It’s 5″ (130mm) long and weighs 26grams (0.91 oz).

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Robotic Vibrating Lure

The robotic vibrating lure features

  • Rechargeable Electronic Lure – Charged model and uncharged model for your choice. In addition to all excellent performance of normal lures, this patented flashing and buzzing lures are designed to target a fish’s biological programming to strike, regardless of if they are hungry or not. Easier to catch big fish and can easily attract fish in a 7-fold wide-range of water columns with illuminated and vibrating design. So you can catch more fish. 
  • High Simulation – The lure is equipped with Mustad treble hooks, providing maximum hooking ratio, which makes it a powerful fishing lure. A high-quality 3D painted eyes, making sure to provide superior performance.
  • Power Consumption – When the lure is out of the water and dry, the lure’s buzzed and light functions are turned off automatically.
  • Hover Design – stopping at any appointed water layers you want. Integrated with a dual-tungsten steel ball central gravity transfer system for optimized casting range. It is suitable for both Freshwater and Saltwater, performing day and night.
  • Battery Life – Charging takes 2.5 hours, after that it can work intelligently for more than 12 hours. Anticreep proprietary technology protects the charging unit and battery from saltwater exposure and corrosion.
  • Target Fish – Ideal for targeting largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, musky, walleye, pike, northern pike, redfish, speckled trout.

Making Fishing Easy

The robotic vibration lure is the most technologically advanced fishing lure in the United States at present. It can replace all of your other sinking minnows lures with unique features to trigger the DNA- programming in a variety of game fish that signaled them to strike.

Catch More Fish

Unlike other imitations on the market, this robotic lure utilizes anti-creep proprietary technology to be fully water-sealed. So you can hook fish during the day, dark, in streams, in lakes, deep in the water column all day!

Catch Big Fish

The robotic vibrating lure is designed to be versatile, castable for longer distances, designed for fast and ripping style retrieve. It can be used in deep-sea fishing, and in deeper columns. The vibrating lure is flashing, vibrating, buzzing, and twitching to be the closest thing to that best live bait that is irresistible to predators.

Package Content

Each lure comes with a rechargeable USB cable

robotic vibrating lure - Package
Charging Time

About 2.5 hours

Workig Time

Over 12 hours






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