PhantomRain Phantom 4 WetSuit


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PhantomRain Phantom 4 Wetsuit

The PhantomRain Phantom 4 Wetsuit is your perfect solution to protect your DJI Phantom 4 drone from the water.

The Phantom Rain Wetsuit allow you to fly your drone directly into the pouring rain.


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PhantomRain Phantom 4 WetSuit

The PhantomRain Phantom 4 Wetsuit is your perfect solution to protect your DJI Phantom 4 drone from the water.

PhantomRain Phantom 4 WetSuit – Shipping Notice

Shipping the Phantom Rain Wetsuit to the United States is free, however, Shipping to Canada will cost an additional 15$ and shipping to the rest of the world will cost an additional 25$. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

The PhantomRain Phantom 4 Wetsuit allows you to fly your drone directly into the pouring rain. Even in the absolute worse thunderstorm, you can imagine, no water will get inside your drone.

Phantom Ring Wetsuits DJI Phantom 4 - Water resistant Protection

PhantomRain Phantom 4 WetSuit – 3 part system

The first part is actually the wetsuit that goes over the top of the drone.

The second part is the water protection ring system.

The third part is the surge mask at the bottom of the drone.


As neoprene is the best material to keep water out, the wetsuit is made of a 2.5 mm neoprene. It covers 75 percent of the drone. Some of the vents left open since the drone needs to breathe and has to stay cool. Having that said, the wetsuit stops the water from going in.

Compression ring system

The next thing you will notice is the drone props.

Inside the engines where the props are mounted there are these vents. So in order to protect them from the water, but, not blocking them from breathing out, there are the compression rings. There are eight rings altogether. The compression ring system is made of compressed neoprene, which allows the water to drip right off.

The Surge mask

Inside the landing gears, there are electronic components that need to be water-resistant as much as possible. And for that, there is a need to support the back of the enclosure as well.

With the solution of the wetsuit, it wraps and supports the landing gear

For that, the wetsuit gives extra support for the landing gears, which gives you a better flying experience.

Battery Seal

One of the biggest issues when flying a drone in the rain, especially in sports mode, is the battery. The water was getting into the battery, causing a short. This is stopping the engine, and causing the drone to crash. So the Phantom 4 wetsuit is utilizing a seal around the battery, that is almost airtight. So you can fly your Phantom 4 in sports mode and in the pouring rain and the battery will stay dry. You don’t need to worry anymore when flying the drone in any weather storm that we have seen so far. Simply a fantastic flying experience.

Camera Gimbal Seal

When the drone submerges in the water, the gimbal takes in water the fastest way. Then it can flip on its back and from there it will sink like a rock.

The Phantom 4 Wetsuit solves this problem by creating the surge mask. The surge mask seals off the gimbal ring at the bottom so the gimbal won’t take in water quickly. This will prevent the drone from flipping off. And allowing you to take the drone out of the water. The surge mask is giving you enough protection, slows things down, allowing you not to panic so you will have enough time to take the drone out of the water and back in the air.

It’s everything you need in order to fly your drone in any weather condition.

Phantom Rain Wetsuit Q & A

How is the wetsuit applied?

Peel and stick system using the 3M adhesive backing.  We send you a sweet video making the install easy.

How can I put it on perfectly center?

We created a video showing you how to line up the Logo of the Phantom for a perfect center. 

What is the most difficult part of getting the wetsuit on?

Letting adhesion take place by keeping it secure.

Do you offer a guarantee that no water will get inside the drone?  

Some of the vents are left open so the drone can breathe, so no we do not, but there is no better way to secure your drone than with a Phantom Rain Wet Suit, there are just too many benefits.

Was the Phantom Rain Wetsuit tested for overheating?   

Yes, we tested both the water protection ring system and the wetsuit and found only a moderate increase of 10 degrees including the battery.     We also flew the Drone in over 100-degree heat and had no issues of overheating of the drone as we filmed on the day of the Eclipse.
Can you fly the drone in sports mode in the rain:     Yes you can, as the battery has a tight seal allowing for a complete assault on the rain with no intake of water.

How much protection does the drone offer you as far as Impact protection?    

The Neoprene is 2mm /2.5mm/.5mm  and is substantial in releasing the impact on the drone.  The Scuba neoprene also stays much cleaner while flying as the material is not as easy to stick on as it is too plastic.

How hard of rain can it handle? 

We have tested it in several different types of rain conditions and just recently we had a torrential downpour. 
The results were fantastic when we captured the downpour in slow motion. 
The drone was flying for 20 minutes with no intake of water. 
For 26 minutes we flew the drone in torrential rain and needed no rice as no water got inside.
Please keep in mind that several parts of the Phantom 4 Pro are already somewhat water-resistant, we just improved every facet that was not totally enhanced. 

How does the gimbal guard stop the drone from sinking? 

It will not stop the drone from sinking, however, it will give you a couple more seconds if you drop in the water to get the drone back out.    The reason for this is we sealed off the Gimbal ring enough so that it can slow down water intake using what we call the surge mask and Surge RIng.  If you need the drone to float than you need to get the Rescue Jacket at the bottom of the website.

Are they going to be other colors?

Yes, we will have some other colors after the first of the year.
As of now, we offer 4 Color Schemes 
No tools needed.
This is for the Phantom 4 series of a drone to fly in any adverse weather conditions.
Torrential Rain,  Thunderstorm and Lightning storms and even snowstorms.
The entire 3 part system includes all the parts shown above made of Neoprene.
The Phantom 4 wetsuit is designed to negotiate water, making them water-resistant to the extreme.
Easy install with 8 videos for step by step


Neon Green, Twilight – All Colors, Black Eclipse, Navy Tac, ORCA, Trauma 1


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