PhantomRain Mavic Mini Wetsuit


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PhantomRain Mavic Mini Wetsuit

Fly your Mavic Mini in the pouring rain with a peace of mind. You get all 3 colors in your order.

The Mavic Mini Wetsuit is your perfect solution to protect your drone from the water.


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PhantomRain Mavic Mini Wetsuit

The PhantomRain Mavic Mini Wetsuit is for an original DJI Mavic Mini Drone. Twilight Colors – You get all 3 colors in the package.

Mavic Mini Wetsuit – Shipping Notice

Shipping the Mavic Mini Rain Wetsuits to the United States is free, however, Shipping to Canada will cost an additional 15$ and shipping to the rest of the world will cost an additional 25$. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Regular Package: Includes 3 different colors: Neon Red, Neon Blue, & Black

Full Package: Includes all 6 colors: Neon Green, Neon Red, Neon Blue, Black, Purple, & Royal White 

Fly in the pouring rain.

The Mavic Mini Rain Wetsuits is your perfect solution to protect your drone from the water.

The PhantomRain Mavic Mini Wetsuits allows you to fly your drone directly into the pouring rain. Even in the absolute worse thunderstorm, you can imagine, no water will get inside your drone.

The weight of the Mavic Mini Wetsuit is 0.3 oz (8.5 grams)

PhantomRain Mavic Mini Wetsuit - Featured Image

PhantomRain Mavic Mini Wetsuit

Closed-cell neoprene wetsuit

The Mavic Mini Wetsuit stops pouring water from getting inside the drone.

It provides a luxurious cover that protects and enhances the function of your drone.

Creates a beautiful and distinctive look for your drone.

Easy install – No tools required.

Compression Band

The wetsuits prevent water and debris from getting inside the drone.

Plugs fold in when the legs are closed.

4 Prop Covers

Stops water and debris from getting inside.

Secures the props in tightly.

Catch Pad

The Mavic Mini Wetsuit provides a non-slip squeezable surface for a more secure one-hand catch.

Water-resistant battery seal

Seals the battery tight. Prevents water from getting inside the battery compartment.

Enhanced vent protectors

Stops the water seeping into the top base of the drone.

Water-resistant surge mask

2mm neoprene protects the lower housing of the drone.

Here is a video of the Mavic Mini

Interested in Wetsuits for DJI Phantom… No problem, click here for details.



All Black, Black – Eclipse, Neon Blue – Fire Fly, Neon Green – Limey, Neon Red – Trauma


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