PhantomRain Mavic 3 Wetsuit


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PhantomRain Mavic 3 Wetsuits

Fly in the pouring rain. Chose from 5 available colors.

The PhantomRain Mavic 3 Wetsuit is your perfect solution to protect your Mavic 3 drone from the water.

Bandit BlackFire Fly BlueLunar PurpleRescue Red


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PhantomRain Mavic 3 Wetsuit

Lumination Wet Suits are Full Color Wet Suits designed and engineered to allow the Mavic 3 to fly in the Pouring Rain for hours.    The Bright and Vivid Colors provide for an easy Visual Line of Sight.

The Wet Suits use the well-proven 5 Level Water Resistant System To allow the Drone to fly daily in the extreme rain without damaging the drone or the battery or the Power button.

The Lumination Wet Suits also provide a 4mm Impact Layer to protect your drone from low-impact collisions. 

We Guarantee a perfect install, ship out in 2 to 3 days to your door. 

any updates we make a free of charge to you.   

Yes, they do come with 3 Battery Covers. 


Install instruction comes with pictures and video, takes about 15 minutes to apply the 23 parts of the Wet Suit.   Having more parts gives it that aggressive look and makes the installation so easy.   



Bandit Black, Fire Fly Blue, Lunar Purple, Rescue Red


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