Lifelike 8 Segments Swimbait Fishing Lure


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Do you want to catch fish like the PROs?

Consider adding this amazing fishing lure to your tackle box today! 100% satisfaction! 100% Success!

6 segments multi jointed swimbait fishing lure

Excellent Performance  High-Resolution Body Detail  Holographic or Highly Detailed Paint Finishes Mustad Hooks & 3D Bionic Eyes  Fish-attracting with aggressive action


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Lifelike 8 Segments Swimbait Fishing Lure

Aren’t you tired of returning home with no fish to little?

Meet this amazing lifelike 8 Segments Swimbait Fishing Lure which will be your secret weapon from now on.

6 segments multi jointed swimbait fishing lure

6 Reasons You MUST buy this lifelike 8 segments swimbait fishing lure

Excellent Performance

High-Resolution Body Detail

Holographic / Highly Detailed Paint

Mustad Fishing Hook Hooks

3D Bionic Eyes

Fish-attracting with aggressive action

13cm 26g Multi Jointed Fishing Lures Pike Lure Bait Sinking Wobblers Swimbait Hard Lure Fishing Tackle For Bass Isca Minnow

Lifelike 8 Segments Swimbait – Your Secret Weapon!

Are you sick and tired of not catching that BIG fish that you always wanted to catch? Do you feel that other people always catch more than you do?

Which fish are you after? Is it a bass? or maybe is it Pike? This lifelike 8 segments swimbait lures will attract them all!

STOP LOOKING!!! This lure CATCHES BIGGER FISH & MORE FISH. And it will put you ahead of your peers while others still wondering how you did it!

Equipped With Mustad Fishing HookHooks

The lifelike 8 segments swimbait fishing lure is equipped with 2 sharp treble hooks by Mustad. Promising you can make a strong strike without any fear.

By having sharp and durable hooks, this lure helps you reach longer distances with less effort. And unlike other fishing lures, these upgraded hooks will last a lot more time! Saving you the effiort (and money) to buy and replace the hooks every single time. Just tie this lure and cast it right as you reach the water.

Lifelike Swimming Action

Not only this lure has a realistic swimming action, but It also has 3D eyes with a lifelike design. The body movement will trigger the fish’s attention, right away, while each bite will get him straight to the hook. Last but not least, this lure has vivid colors which replicate an actual fish!

Bass and Bluefish, Freshwater and Saltwater

Lifelike 8 segments swimbait fishing lure - 6 colors - 2 groups

The lifelike 8 segments swimbait fishing lure is suitable for both your saltwater and freshwater fishing. You can fish a wide variety of fish like Bass, Perch, Walleye, Pike, Muskie, Trout, Salmon, Stripper and many others. This is the exact tool you need in order to enhance your game to the next level you were waiting for a long time!

Just reel it back, and leave all the rest for this swimbait lure to do for you.

Now let’s go to the technical details of this lure… shall we?

Weight: 26 grams / 0.92 oz

Length: 14cm / 5.5 inch

Hooks: 2 Mustad Fishing Hook treble hooks – Each one 2X strong.

Rings: Upgraded hook flat rings (colors white / Pirate / Green)

Weight0.04 kg
Dimensions4 × 2 × 10 cm

140mm / 5.5in


26g / 0.92oz


2 Mustad Treble Hooks – 2X Strong


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