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IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro quadcopter drone has been specifically engineered and constructed for fishing – It was Born for Fishing. Poseidon-Pro is the successor of Poseidon 480. Rated as IP67 waterproof, 32 minutes of unloaded flight time,  and up to Beaufort wind force rating 6.

Availability: 200 in stock


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Easy to control the IDEAFLY Poseidon PRO V2

The IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro drone takes your drone experience to the next level! Have you ever imagined a drone that can fish on the sea? Well, here it is! Our Poseidon Pro! A professional high standard aircraft combines stable hovering in the sky and accurate throwing bait to fish. It’s a special gift for those RC fans who want to try fishing and some fishing lovers who want to try flying a drone. You’ll love it!

Control is as simple as that, even if you have no experience, you can easily control it.

IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro Easy Control It

High quality – Rugged and Durable

Constructed from quality corrosion resistant materials with a high IP67 dust and water ingress protection rating

IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro V2 Landing gear protection

IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro V2 Strong and sturdyIDEAFLY Poseidon Pro V2 Carbon Fibre PropellersIDEAFLY Poseidon Pro V2 Atmospheric Valving

Landing gear protection

Landing gear can be freely loaded and unloaded to protect the body from damage


Strong and sturdy

IP67 waterproof resistance and impact-resistant plastic outer shell


Carbon Fibre Propellers

1355 ultralight carbon fiber self-locking propellers

Atmospheric Valving

Direct access to atmospheric pressure ensures flight stability

IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro – Bait Dropping Device

Fast and accurate bait release module

The bait release is a separate module and can be quickly installed and easily removed, and both the release module and camera are fully waterproof. This quality bait release module enables accurate and precise delivery of bait or burley over lake or sea.

IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro V2 Bait-dropping device

Real-time HD 720P Digital Video Steaming

Accurate delivery of bait over long distances

The HD camera is also fitted with a polarized lens cap enabling better viewing into the water column.

IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro RC Fishing Drone 850m 5G WiFi 1080P GPS Waterproof Camera Quality

IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro Features

Functions: Hovering, one key take-off/landing, lost/low battery/one-button return, GPS accurate positioning, real-time video surveillance, throwing bait to fish, LED light.
A professional high standard aircraft combines stable hovering in the sky and accurate throwing bait to fish.
MADE OF HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Corrosion-resistant materials are used to avoid the rain and seawater corrosion.
SUPER LEVEL OF WATERPROOF AND WINDPROOF: This drone reaches 3 hours of float level and 6 class of windproof.
GPS POSITIONING: GPS positioning system makes sure the safety of the fishing drone, you will be known the accurate position of your drone anytime.
REAL-TIME VIDEO SURVEILLANCE: Real-time video transmission distance can reach 850m.
FAST AND ACCURATE THROWING SYSTEM: The throwing system is a separate module, can be quickly installed and removed, with a waterproof camera. It can be used to carry fishing lines at long distances and can place the bait at the target location for precise delivery.
LED LIGHTS: Built-in high bright LED light makes night flight much safer and more convenient.

IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro RC Fishing Drone 850m 5G WiFi 1080P GPS Waterproof - Throwing Further Fishing More

IDEAFLY Poseidon Pro Specifications

Waterproof level: Float for 3 hours
Diagonal length: 480mm
Propeller: 1345
Motor model: 4008
ESC parameter: 40A
Camera: 1080P
5G WiFi FPV distance: 850m
Maximum rising speed: 6m/s
Maximum falling speed: 4.5m/s
Maximum horizontal flight speed: 10m/s
Maximum tilt angle: 35°
Maximum load: 1.5kg
Flight time: 25min
Working temperature: -10℃-50℃
Satellite positioning module: GPS
Hover accuracy: vertical±0.8m, horizontal±2.5m
Maximum wind speed level: class 6
Flight controller: NAZA-M-V2
Drone size: 390 * 390 * 210mm
Drone weight: 2300g
Model: Flysky I6S
Channel: 10
Frequency: 2.4055-2.475GHZ
Maximum signal effective distance: 900m
Battery: 4 * AA battery(not included)
Transmit power: less than 20dBm
Battery capacity: 4500mAh
Cells: 6S
Battery voltage: 22V
Battery discharge rate: 25C
Charger model: UP100AC PLUS
Charger power: 150W
Charging current: 0.1-10A
Discharge current: 0.1-5A
Charger supply voltage: 100-240V
Chargeable battery type: LIPO/LIFE/LILO/LIHV/NICD/NIHH
Package Information:
Package size: 54 * 43 * 18cm / 21.2 * 16.9 * 7.1in
Package Weight: 7200g

Package Content

Remote Controller
Balance Charger and Adapter Plug
Propeller set
6S 4500mAh Lipo Battery
Voltage Detector
USB Flash Disk
User Manual
Weight6.91 kg
Dimensions50 × 47 × 28 cm


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