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GoFish Cam is a wireless underwater fishing camera that sits on your fishing line and works with a mobile app. Anglers can capture action-packed footage, gain insight into the underwater fishing experience, and review awesome video content that can be shared on social media.

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GoFish Cam – The Most Popular Underwater Fishing Camera

GoFish Cam is a wireless underwater camera that sits on your fishing line while communicating with a mobile app.
Anglers can capture action-packed footage, gain insight into the underwater fishing experience, review and edit awesome video content that can be shared on social media!

The GoFish Cam attaches in-line between your mainline and leader line. When you take the frustrating guesswork out of fishing, it becomes extremely fun for anglers of any age and skill level. A fishing camera is a perfect tool for novices to learn and have fun fishing, and for experts to gain unique intel to catch more fish than ever before.

Unboxing of GoFish Cam:

BENEFITS – Why You Should Use The Underwater Fishing Camera
– Provides insight into your catch, so you can make better decisions, learn, and land more fish.
– See how fish are reacting to your bait/lure, what kind of fish are in that area, what the structure looks like, where fish are hiding in that structure, and more!
– 95% of the fishing experience takes place underwater. Use the GoFish Cam to capture the whole experience in an awesome way so you can re-live your favorite experience and share it with your friends, family, and community.
– Take advantage of the Green LED night vision to not only see in deep and dark waters but attract certain fish species!
-It’s a great gift idea for Father’s Day Fishing Gifts, Mothers Day Fishing Gifts, Birthday Fishing Gifts, or Holiday Fishing Gifts and Christmas Fishing Gifts!

GoFish Cam – Main Features

  • Mobile Integration via Built-In WiFi – While on the water, scout areas and gain valuable insight such as what fish are there, where they’re hiding, and how they’re reacting to the bait/lures being used with the mobile app.
  • Use for all styles of fishing in both fresh and saltwater – 85% of Anglers participate in more than one type of fishing.
  • 1000 lbs Tension Rating –  GoFish Cam ensures to anglers that when putting a valuable tackle on their line it will be secure.
  • Depth Rating of 150M (~500 Feet) – Before leaving our production facility we test each cam in the water at a pressure of 150M depth.
  • Records in 1080pHD @ 60 Frames Per Second – 1080p is a minimum standard for full HD. With 60 frames being taken every second, the camera can pick up all those fast fish strikes.
  • Multiple Record Modes (1080@60,30fps & 720@60fps) – For anglers who want to maximize on battery life and don’t care to have full HD, they can alter the record modes as low as 720p @ 60fps to gain over 2 hrs of recording time
  • Night Vision – Adds 6 feet of visibility for the many anglers who fish in deep, dark waters or at night.
  • Stabilized Fin Design – The fins of the GoFish Cam helps to stabilize the camera. Which provides you with premium footage while you are fishing.

The Reviews are wonderful

“I purchased a GoFish Cam for my son for our annual fishing trip to Hawk Lake Lodge. The lake at its deepest is around 330 feet. My son was targeting lake trout that were suspended in the 80 to 110-foot range. He was vertical jigging with the GoFish Cam attached to the line. First and foremost the quality of the videos was totally amazing even at those depths. I couldn’t believe how many trout were attracted to the lure with only a few actually taking the bait. Of about 40 or so trout that were viewed coming to the bait, only 12 actually grabbed it for a hook set. So, without the GoFish Cam, one would have little to no clue that the fish actually came within range of the bait and the camera!” – Stan M.

GoFish Cam Fishing Camera review

GoFish Technical Specs

– Supports 1000 lbs tension

– Tough military standard armor casing

– Green LED night vision

– 500 Feet/150M Depth Rating

– Anti-wobble stability fins

– Three Record Modes:
1080p HD @ 60 FPS, 30FPS and 720 @ 60 FPS

– Compatible with MicroSD cards up to 64GB.

– Weight – 3.3 oz

– Dimensions – 4in long, 1in in diameter

– Battery Type – Li-Ion rechargeable battery

– Battery Recharge Time – 1.5hrs

– Recording Time:

  • 1.5hrs @ 1080, 60FPS.
  • 2-3hrs @ 1080, 30FPS & 720, 60FPS.
  • *note* Wifi will lessen battery life

Used by Sport and Recreational Anglers in Over 64 Countries!
Also used by Missouri Search & Rescue, Stanford University, San Diego Zoo, US Navy Seals, New
England Aquarium, Alberta Environment, and Parks, Christian-Albrechts-University.

Check out these screenshots from customer videos from the GoFish Cam!

GoFish Cam Underwater Fishing Camera - Anglers Pictures

In short

The GoFish Cam is a wireless underwater fishing camera that sits on your line. From now on,  you can see how the fish are reacting to your baits or lures, or even striking them.
You simply need to attach the camera in-between your mainline and your leader line. And then you continue fishing normally – like you always do.
The videos will be recorded in top HD1080@60 FPS. Thanks to the camera’s fins, the footage will be stabilized and steady.
Moreover, the GoFish Cam is designed to not affect your lure or bait’s presentation.
It can go as deep as 150M (500 feet)
GoFish Cam has a built-in green led light for night vision.
The camera can hold up to 1000LBS tension.
It also has a built-in WiFi so you can review the action every time you reel in.

GoFish Cam Underwater Fishing Camera

You can use GoFish Cam for:

  • Trolling
  • Casting
  • Bottom fishing
  • Ice fishing
  • Kayak fishing
  • Drone fishing
  • Kite fishing
  • Carp fishing.
  • Any underwater task

GoFish Cam comes with a free-float accessory that lets you live stream while surfaced.
Join thousands of other anglers and get yourself a GoFish Cam to relive the full fishing experience.

GoFish Cam is one of the best fishing cameras in the market today. Don’t miss the opportunity of having this wonderful camera in your fishing box.


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