Glide Bait Waver 185


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Perfectly balanced and tuned for any retrieve speed.

Finished with a highly detailed custom paint job.

Real lifelike presentation.

Six different styles that stimulate real fish.

185mm / 66 grams.


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Glide Bait Waver

The Glide Bait Waver 185 is 185mm long and weighs 66 grams. It is a sinking swimbait that is leaving a major footprint on the fishing industry. In addition, the Glide Bait Waver is set to make its mark. Featuring a natural “S-Action” swimming motion, the waving will seductively wake the surface and call big gamefish in for a closer look. Hold your rod tip up since the glide bait 185 is a surface lure. It will allow the bait to slowly sink and the Waver continues underwater. The S-Action swimming motion is created and will drive the fish crazy. That seductive wake will only be interrupted by the explosion of a massive bite.


  • 2 Segments Jointed
  • Lifelike action in the water
  • More attractive to catch big fish
  • 3D colorful natural eyes
  • S-Swim action
  • Steel balls inside
  • Perfect mimics of fish

The Glide bait waver comes equipped with 2 strong treble hooks. The hooks are extremely sharp and durable. It is made of ABS material which is eco-friendly.

Available Styles

The glide bait waver 185 comes in six different styles to choose from. Each one of them looks like a real fish and will trigger the strike from a big fish you are waiting for.

The high-detailed painting is super important for the glide baits since it is a slow-moving presence. Which in this case the predator will have time to have a good look at your lure.

Glide Bait Waver 185 - ten colors

Absolute Balance

The biggest thing about the glide bait waver, that makes it so effective, is its absolute balance. And the balance is one of the key points about glide baits. So when you stop reeling, the glide bait 185 will start to sink. However, it must not fall down on its side. The glide bait waiver 185 is completely balanced so when you stop reel it, it falls belly down slowly.

How to fish the Glide bait 185?

Without a doubt, the jointed swimbait, the glide bait started a long time ago as a special lure for the lakes. April is the best time to use big glide baits. The glide bait 185 is a very large baitfish profile, where mostly it represents a trout, gizzard shade or a hitch. It has one joint in the center of it.

But the presentation is real simple, you need to look for spots where the fish are living especially in the springtime.
While some anglers are twitching or jerking it, it makes the lure turn around itself, so it can confuse the predator and some will say it is the wrong way to fish with the glide bait.
The best presentation you can give to the glide bait 185 is simply a nice glide from left to right, and that is what drives the fish nuts. So it gives a look like they try to get away, and this is what triggers the bites you are after.

Recommended tackle for Glide Baits

Having the glide bait waver 185 in your arsenal is very important, and you must use it correctly.

Without using your rod tip, you only use your reel, half a turn each time. Those half-turns in your reel will let the glide baits swim from right to left, left to right. It is a very simple concept for you to follow. Each movement flashes and turns, so you will get a lot of followers on this lure.

The glide bait waiver has very strong drawing power. The fish see them from a very long way away. It gives a very natural presentation.
Lot’s of 3 pounders fish will come to bite these lures. It has very good vibration and a presence that is really appealing to a 5 pownds fish.
Since it is a slow-moving bait, you should use it on a water clarity of 12 feet visibility down to a 3 feet visibility. The fish may get a good look at it, so that makes the details very important in the glide bait.
So having a balanced glide bait that has lots of details on it, is very essential for the success of this glide bait 185.
As a recommendation use a 20LB fluorocarbon fishing line. Since it is a slow-moving presentation, an invisible sinking line will be very good. Regarding the rod, use a long 8 ft moderate action rod.

Glide Bait Waver 185 - Bigger baits catches bigger fish

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