Fishing Reel Line Spooler

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  • This Fishing Line Spoolers mainly made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and ABS plastic.
  • Two-way Functions.
  • Works great with baitcasting spinning and trolling reels.
  • Multiple uses, whether you are at home, in kayaks or boats

Availability: 96 in stock


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Professional Fishing Reel Line Spooler

  • This Fishing Line Spoolers mainly made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and ABS is easy to use, very solid and portable for storage
  • Two-way Functions: Transfer the line from the line spool to the fishing reels; Line from the fishing reel can be quickly reeled onto an empty spool and stored.
  • The Line Winder works great with baitcasting reels, spinning reels and trolling reels.
  • Necessary Fishing Gear for everyone like fishing. Whether you’re a fishing starter or avid fisherman, here’s the fishing line spooler you need to get. Your father, husband or son will enjoy this time saver. Don’t miss this great gift on Father’s Day.
  • Multiple uses, whether you are at home, in kayaks or boats, you can easily take and use this fishing line winder. You may carry it no matter where you go and get it in hand at any time as long as it is in your car. Please note that the baitcasting reels and line are only for spooling reference, they are not included in the package!

Product description

Main Features:

Transfer a new fishing line from the line spool to the fishing reels(Baitcasting reels/spinning reels/Trolling reels)

The line from the fishing reel can be quickly reeled onto an empty spool and stored.

Package Size:20 x 12 x 3cm/7.87 x 4.72 x 1.18 inch

Weight:0.15 kg/0.33 lb

Accessories included:

1 x The equipment

2 x Concave collars

2 x Convex collars

1 x The aluminum tightening nut

1 x The stainless steel shaft

1 x The plastic shaft with a screw nut

1 x The threaded rod

How to Set UP Fishing Line Winder

1. Fix the equipment to the table through the clamp screw.

2. Insert the stainless steel shaft into the main shaft and screw it

3. Thread the line spool through the shaft and tighten the collar with the tightening Nut. (Multiple line spools are also supported.)

4. Insert the plastic shaft with a screw nut into the hole, and install the reel holder to the plastic shaft and screw it.

5. Attach the fishing line to the fishing reel. (Please set the line as it comes out on the spool.)

6. Transfer the line from the spool to the reel. (Adjust the tension to change the speed.)

7. Transfer the line from the reel to an empty line spool. (Guide the line with your hand to prevent it from coming off the spool.)

Note: when you transfer the line from the spool to the reel, please tightening the reel’s handle meanwhile loosing the equipment’s handle.

On the contrary, when you transfer the line from the reel to the line spool,

Please loosing the reel’s handle meanwhile tightening the equipment’s handle.

If you are still confused with the setup steps, kindly check the Instructions with pictures or contact us by mail.

Weight0.49 kg
Dimensions29 × 10 × 8 cm

Fishing Line Winder


20 x 12 x 3cm/7.87 x 4.72 x 1.18 inch


stainless steel and ABS plastic

17 reviews for Fishing Reel Line Spooler

  1. R***a

    The Plusinno Line Spooler was a great add to my fishing arsenal! Not only can I easily spool both spinning and baitcasting reels, I can get the line tighter around the spool in less time. Which means less prep time and more fishing!

  2. Customer

    This is an excellent line spooler. Very easy to read directions and works with no problems. Love the fact that you can put line on a reel as well as take it off, having a handle on the spooler itself. You can use the clamp to attach it to any table, boat, truck, or basically anywhere. Great product!!

  3. E***i

    I was very excited about getting this spooler. I´ve had two others and they have been underwhelming. This one, on the other hand, performed exactly as I´d expect. I was able to load two spools, one for backing and one for main line. And the tension you want the line to come off at is set by a drag. I never know how much backing to use and sometimes i run out of main line. One of the best features of this spooler is that you can unspool by using the handle on the spooler. It winds it back off so I can even unspool a reel onto an empty spool if I want. I´ve used it to spool a baitcaster and a spinning reel with no issues.

  4. R***s

    I couldn´t be more pleased with this product. Wish I had this years ago. Went on a 10 day fishing trip to Florida, and needed to re-string a couple of my reels. Well once I did one reel; Well things got REAL….. Simple and Fun to use. And yes… this the only helper you need. I love how easy it is to control the string tension through out the winding process, very easy to go from heavier to lighter as you wind.

  5. F***p

    thank you very much, it easy to assemble little fishing line spooler is exactly what I needed to remove old line and replace it with new line. You could spend as much money as this spooler cost just getting your reels reloaded at a bait and tackle shop. It is easily portable and can be mounted on the side of your truck bed or anywhere that you can clamp it to. It has an easily adjustable clamp too. Well worth the money.

  6. Customer

    The spooler is excatly what I needed to switch between different fishing lines. The asseembly takes a few seconds …an instruction booklet is enclosed. the booklet can be improved though. This is not robust enough for professional use …the weak point being the black plastic shaft on which the reel holder mounts. However, it is very good for occasional personal use and I am happy with the product.

  7. Y***n

    Small capacity from large capacity spool up well.

  8. T***a

    Thank goodness for this spoiler. I was dreading having to respool my baitcaster and spinning reels on my own. This comes with easy instructions and is well made. Definitely made my respooling easier, quicker, and better!

  9. I***r

    all in order.excellent packaging.cant wait to use it.

  10. A***i

    Excellent! Recommend it to everyone.

  11. N***a

    Will test

  12. M***i

    All good

  13. Z***h

    Grate. Working well.

  14. D***s

    Excellent product, very good, I am satisfied with the purchase. Very good… Recommend

  15. H***y

    Item is well made but yet to test.As of now I’ m happy with this purchase.

  16. S***S

    Delivery of lightning to moscow. What i expected on the coil meat grinder and back to babin.

  17. K***r

    Good product good price on sale, thank you Thriving Business please

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