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A professional underwater robot, features a 4K camera, 6 thrusters, and a great operability and stability, can complete the depth of 100 meters underwater photography and video tasks.


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CCROV – The First

CCROV - First Portable - User Friendly - 4K Camera Underwater Robot
First Portable – User-Friendly – 4K Camera Underwater Robot

Back to the Sea

Exploring the underwater world.

A professional underwater robot, features a 4K camera, 6 thrusters, and a great operability and stability, can complete the depth of 100 meters underwater photography and video tasks.

It is an efficient tool for diving, fishing, boating, yachting, sailing and other ocean sports; It also can be used as professional detection equipment for the aquaculture industry, infrastructure inspection, and other underwater observation tasks.


Ocean Sports


  • Use CCROV to check diving spots or diving process.
  • Explore underwater places to find dangerous diving spots, caves, and deep sea area.


CCROV - Ocean Sports - Diving
CCROV – Ocean Sports – Diving

Boating, Yachting, Sailing, Seaside leisure

  • Use CCROV instead of divers to check propellers zincs, shafts, struts, rudders, keels, metals and through hulls before sailing.
  • Have an immersive underwater experience, using a virtual reality headset, while get tanned on deck.
CCROV - Ocean Sports - Boating, Yachting, Sailing, Seaside leisure
CCROV – Ocean Sports – Boating, Yachting, Sailing, Seaside leisure


Customer needs

You can regularly inspect fish health, their behavior, inspect damage to nets and look for underwater infrastructure in fish farms.

Key Points

Specialist divers would do these, but often at a considerable cost, while some underwater tasks are extremely dangerous.

CCROV’S Advantage

Instant detailed information feedback, more cost-effective and safer.

CCROV - Aquaculture - Advantages
CCROV – Aquaculture – Advantages

Engineering Inspections

Customer needs

Underwater Structure inspections of a hull, dock, bridge, dam, pipeline locks, approach walls, guide piers, spillways, dams, dive culverts, and guard gates.

Key Points

Diving inspection service is expensive and unsafe. big ROVs are and not able to move between

narrow spaces.

CCROV’S Advantage

The size of the CCROV is small and can move freely via narrow spaces.

Highlight LEDs and HD cameras help to present the real-time underwater scene and help to learn the engineering information.

CCROV - Engineering Inspections
CCROV – Engineering Inspections

Other use cases

  • Education
  • Underwater Rescue
  • Marine Science Research
  • Underwater photography

CCROV - Other Uses - Education - Underwater Rescue - Marine Science Research - Underwater Photograph

CCROV Features

CCROV - Features
CCROV – Features

Portable and Ready to Dive

The CCROV dimension is 208x204x130mm and can be easily carried in a backpack or a suitcase, even placed under a seat. It’s also very user-friendly and easy to use.

Simply download the app on your smart iPhone (iOS or Android), connect it to your CCROV with one click and you’re ready to go!

6 Thrusters/5 Degrees of Freedom/ Flexible and Precise control

To enjoy a high stability and maneuverability, CCROV is incorporated with 4 horizontals and 2 vertical thrusters which will provide 5 degrees of freedom. The CCROV answers all your needs for underwater exploration even in a narrow space within

4K Camera 720P Live Video Transmission

CCROV will send live video signal, as well as temperature, depth, and directional information to the surface through the tether up to the surface. The signal will then be streamed by WiFi from the Tether Deployment System to your phone/tablet/controller with very low latency (170 ms) and the built-in 4K, the camera will help you get the clearest underwater videos and photos.

High-Quality Material & Integrated Design

The military-grade floating macromolecular material housing and built-in high sealed aluminum alloy cabin of CCROV can withstand high pressure and corrosion from the 100-meter deep sea, guarantee a professional experience up to 100 meters deep.

Professional Tether Deployment System (TDS)

The CCROV underwater robot has a professional tether deployment system that allows an easy packing and transportation. There are 95m, 75m, 50m and 25m four options of tethers length.

The battery is located in the TDS. It is removable and can be replaced for an uninterrupted use. The TDS also configured with an AC power module interface which may achieve unlimited endurance power for the CCROV.

CCROV Technical Specs

Underwater Vehicle Specs

Feature Specs
Dimensions208 (L)×204 (W)×158(H) mm
Weight in air5.5 KG
ThrusterFour set horizontally, and two set vertically
PropellerImmersion-type, with a diameter of 34mm
SensorDepth, Temperature, Humidity (Temperature and Humidity is for the sealed cabin)
Main sealed cabin materialAluminum alloy
Float materialSynthetic composite foam
Performance Specs
Time of endurance2~4hour
Motion controlX, Y, Z, CW, CCW
Vertical hovering accuracy±0.2m
Advancing speedMax1.0m/s(2 Knot)
Maximum sustain pressure100m
Operating ambient temperatureFrom -20℃to40℃

Tether Deploy System (TDS) Specs

Weight in the air (TDS & Cable, excluding the battery)3.5kg (25m cable)5kg (50m cable)/6kg(75m cable)/7.5kg(95m cable)
Optional accessoryAC power module
AC Power ModuleInput 100-240VAC50/60 Hz; Output DC 54V/5.95A

Remote Control Specs

Operation frequency2.400GHz~2.483Ghz
Max. effective signal rangeFCC CE 100M (without interface or shield)
Operating ambient temperature0~40℃
Battery4 batteries (AA)
Transmitting power(EIRP)FCC: below 20 dBm
Mobile device bracketDimensions: 66×110×26mm, capable of supporting the mobile device with the maximum height of 145mm.

Camera Parameters


Image sensorSony IMX 117 1/2.3 inch CMOS; 12 million effective pixels
LensFOV 90°f/2.8, infinity focus
Maximum image resolution4000×3000
Shooting mode of photosSingle photo shooting/multi-photo shooting/fixed-time shooting
Video resolution4K: 3840×2160 ( 4K ) 30fps

FHD: 1920×1080P120fps/60fps

HD: 1280×720P240fps/120fps

Maximum bit stream of video storage60 Mbps
Image formatJPEG
Video formatMP4 (H.264/H.265)
Memory card type64 GB Micro SD card(Class 10)
Operating ambient temperature0°C ~ 40°C

Battery and Charger Specs

Voltage54.3V 15S
Battery type18650 lithium battery pack
Overall weight of battery850g
Operating ambient temperature-10°C ~ 40°C
Maximum charging power75W
Battery chargerInput 100-240V; Output 60V

APP, Image Transmission and Others

Mobile device AppCCROV
Effective omnidirectional radiation power100mW
Operation frequency5.8GHz
Real-time image transmission720P @ 30fps (depending on actual shooting environment and mobile device)
Delay200ms (From real-time video to top monitor display, depending on actual shooting environment and mobile device)
Mobile device system version requirementIOS 9.0 or later/ Android 4.4 or later
Hard suitcase size(Optional)575(L)×406(W)×299mm(H)

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Length of Cable

25 meters, 50 meters, 75 meters, 95 meters


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