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The Basseeker glide bait 178 has considered one of the best Glide Bait lures (swimbait) for bass fishing. It comes in many different styles, and more importantly, you can choose whether you like it to float, suspend, or sink.

The Basseeker glide bait 178 is 178mm length. It has 34 different colors, in 3 different styles – floating, suspending, and sinking. Each model weighs differently. The floating style weighs 58 grams, the suspending style weighs 63 grams, and the sinking style weighs 73 grams.  There are different sizes for the Basseeker glide bait 178. You can also find it in 220mm and 148mm long. Glide baits, generally speaking, is leaving a major footprint on the fishing industry. The Basseeker glide bait 178 is featuring a natural “S-Action” swimming motion, the waving will seductively wake the surface and call big gamefish in for a closer look.

The S-Action swimming motion is created and will drive the fish crazy. That seductive wake will only be interrupted by the explosion of a massive bite.


  • 2 Segments Jointed
  • Lifelike action in the water
  • More attractive to catch big fish
  • 3D colorful natural eyes
  • S-Swim action
  • Steel balls inside
  • Perfect mimics of fish
  • Lots of different colors for your liking (34 different colors)
  • 3 different styles – Floating / Suspending / Sinking

The Basseeker glide bait 178 comes equipped with 2 strong treble hooks. The hooks are extremely sharp and durable. It is made of ABS material which is eco-friendly.

Available Styles

The Basseeker glide bait 178 comes in 34 different styles to choose from. You have specific styles for a variety of scenarios, different water conditions, and different weather conditions. Each one of them looks like a real fish and will trigger the strike from a big fish you are waiting for.

The high-detailed painting is super important for the glide baits since it is a slow-moving presence. Which in this case the predator will have time to have a good look at it.

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