Animated Lure Fishing Swimbait

Better than a Live Bait

Animated Lure - Robotics Lure - Swimbait Fishing Lure

Why you must have the Animated Lure

Jumping Frog Lure Vi Lifelike swimming action that will attract all fish around.

Jumping Frog Lure Vi A Fishing lure that moves on its own by a propeller on the front.

Jumping Frog Lure Vi No knowledge is required to properly operate the lure

Jumping Frog Lure Vi Battery Powered Lure

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None5 Extra Props10 Extra Props

Product Description

Animated Lure

The animated lure is one of the best lures you will ever need in your tackle box. Once you have it, this lure will be the one you will use the most.

It will do all the job for you.

No need to mess with real live bait.

The animated lure has a battery inside of it and a propeller in its front, which will start working after it gets into the water.

It will swim until you will take it out of the water.

It stimulates a real swimming action which makes every fish in its radius to attack.

One hour of battery life.

Use the float in order to set the depth of the lure in the water.

Extra Propellers

Also, since the propeller in front of the lure can break, like on rocks, we offer you the animated lure with extra propellers. So you can get back to water in no time. You can purchase the lure with no extra propellers, or with an extra of 5 or 10 propellers.

In addition, you will have a charger and a float.

Animated Lute Electric Lure Robotic Lure 5-12inch-Electric-Fishing-Lure-USB-Charging-Bait-4Section-Swimbait-Crankbait-Pesca-Tackle-Vivid-Fish_1


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Extra Propellers

None, 5 Extra Props, 10 Extra Props

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