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This is another post in our series of fishing camera comparisons. This time I will compare the GoFish Cam vs Water Wolf. The same as I did with the comparisons with the Spydro, this comparison will be no different. However, the reason I am doing this comparison is due to the fact that many people want to know the difference between these two specific cameras.

GoFish Cam vs Water Wolf - Logos

In this comparison, I will compare several categories. Categories such as camera quality, battery life, mobile app, camera features, and more. I also will show you what other people prefer in these cameras. And lastly, I will check if the differences between the cameras worth the difference in their price.

GoFish Cam vs Water Wolf – Company Activity

Before I will compare technical details about GoFish Cam and Water Wolf, let’s compare the activity of these 2 companies. I am comparing this since the status of Water Wolf is not clear for me. Look, whenever I decide to buy something, I want to know that I will have support for it. So, I have decided to compare the companies activities as well.

So, as I did with the comparison of Spydro and Water Wolf,  I will compare their websites, their YouTube channel, their Facebook page, and last, their reviews on shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc.

GoFish Cam vs Water Wolf – Website Comparison

Let’s start with their websites. Both GoFish and Water Wolf have a website. On GoFish’ website, you can get all the information you need about the camera and even read a bit about the camera. You can also make a purchase directly from them and read about their mission. And finally, you can even reach out to their support team.

But on Water Wolf’s website, you can’t really do much except seeing their YouTube videos (which are 4 years old). There is a link to their Facebook page and that’s it. No link to purchase their camera or to reach out their support.

GoFish Cam vs Water Wolf – Facebook Comparison

GoFish Cam’ Facebook page is active, and there are new posts every few days. Water Wolf’ Facebook page is also active, but not as much as GoFish. On average Water Wolf post once a week.

GoFish Cam vs Water Wolf – YouTube Channel

Both GoFish Cam and Water Wolf have a YouTube Channel. On GoFish Cam’ channel, their latest video is a week old, but on Water Wolf’ channel, their latest video is 3 years old.

I can learn a lot from their YouTube channel and see that GoFish is being active way over Water Wolf. Not having any new video for 3 years doesn’t look good.

GoFish Cam vs Water Wolf – Shoppers Reviews

In order to compare shoppers reviews, I went to Amazon. I read the reviews about both cameras. And here are the raw numbers. GoFish Cam has 2.8 out of 5 stars. And Water Wolf has only 1 star out of five. As you know, one star is the minimum possible score you can get on Amazon.

But beyond the score each camera has, it was important to read what the reviewers wrote about each camera. I will start with GoFish:

GoFish Cam vs Water Wolf - GoFish Amazon Feedback

When I read the reviews on GoFish, it seems that half of the buyers liked it, and half were disappointed. But it seems that despite some of the bad reviews, GoFish Cam responded to the customers, and in some situations sent a replacement.

Now, for Water Wolf, there was only 1 review – which is 3 years old.

Spydro vs Water Wolf - Water Wolf bad reviews

This review reflects the Water Wolf website and their YouTube channel. I am not sure what is going on with this company. And when I tried to contact them myself, I never got a response back. Very poor score and service.

So, as for the comparison between the companies, GoFish Cam is the absolute winner here.

Now let move on to the fun part.

Camera Quality

Camera quality means video modes, FPS, light correction, color correction, and contrast.

  • Video modes – GoFish Cam supports both 1080p and 720p, while Water Wolf supports only 720p.
  • FPS – GoFish Cam supports 30/60FPS in 1080p, and 60FPS in 720p. Water Wolf supports only 30FPS in 720p.
  • Light correction – GoFish has lights correction. Water Wolf does not have any. Watch the video at the end of this section to see the difference.
  • Color correction – Even here GoFish Cam performs better than Water Wolf Cam. Watch for yourself in the video.
  • Contrast – GoFish Cam has better contrast than Water Wolf Cam. Watch the video at the end of this section to see the difference.

You can see in the following video the differences in quality between the two cameras:

After comparing several aspects for both cameras, I can easily say that GoFish Cam wins on this round.

Fishing Camera Charger

Both cameras are using a USB cable in order to charge the camera. In addition, you will need to open the camera in order to connect the charger.

On this round, it is a tie.

GoFish Cam VS Water Wolf – Charging Time

The charging time for GoFish Cam is 1.5 hours, while Water Wolf is 4 hours.

GoFish Cam VS Water Wolf – Battery Life

In this round, there is a tie since both cameras have almost 4 hours of battery life.

GoFish Cam VS Water Wolf – Memory Card

GoFish Cam can handle up to 64GB of memory cards while for Water Wolf, it can store MicroSD cards up to 32GB.

Hence, GoFish Cam is the winner in this round.

GoFish Cam VS Water Wolf – Depth

GoFish Cam wins on this round with 150 meters, while Water Wolf can go deep up to 100 meters.

GoFish Cam vs Water Wolf – Price

GoFish Cam’s price is 239$, free shipping is offered for the US only, worldwide shipping will cost you another 30$. When adding the memory card, it will all sum up to around 289$.

Water Wolf, on the other hand, is being sold for 150$. But, If you live outside of the US, shipping will cost you another 25$. And Another point to remember is the memory card. Water Wolf does not come with a memory card. So you will need to purchase it separately, which will cost you probably another 10-20$. A total of 195$.

So, bottom line, Water wolf is cheaper than GoFish Cam. 

Special Features of GoFish Cam

Here I will list the features which GoFish Cam has, and which Water Wolf camera doesn’t have.

Mobile App

GoFish Cam has its own mobile app which you installs on your smartphone. Using the mobile app you can connect to your camera and view the videos your camera captured.
GoFish Cam Mobile App

Using a fishing camera you can learn what there is under the water. The question when will you know it. For that, you have 2 options. The first option is to know on the water, while the second option is to know that only after you get back home. I am sure that you preferred the first option. So using the mobile app, GoFish allows you to view the videos on the water.

Live Video Streaming

Another feature that GoFish Cam has is live video streaming. This is possible only when the camera floats over water. Live streaming works using its WiFi connection. Having a live video during fishing will boost and improve your fishing right away.

This gives you a huge advantage over other anglers. In addition, it lets you learn how the fish react to your baits, so you can improve it all the time.


GoFish Cam Float

As I said, Live Video streaming is only possible when putting the float that GoFish Cam comes with. Keep in mind that live streaming will work as long as you are in its WiFi range.

Night Vision

Night vision is another great feature in Spydro. I don’t think that there is much to explain in here except that GoFish Cam has one green led light.

GoFish Cam vs Water Wolf – Facebook Poll

Last but not least is our Facebook poll. Like on my previous comparisons, here are the results of a poll we did on our Facebook page. We asked anglers which fishing camera they prefer.

Do you want to have a guess? Well, it was no surprise for me…

Everyone chose Spydro as their favorite fishing camera.

GoFish Cam vs Water Wolf - Facebook Poll

GoFish Cam wins on this round as well

GoFish Cam vs Water Wolf – Conclusions

GoFish Cam Fishing Camera

Buy GoFish Cam Fishing Camera button

Well, except for the fact that Water Wolf is cheaper than GoFish Cam, I don’t find any good reason to buy Water Wolf. GoFish was better than Water Wolf on almost all aspects. GoFish Cam can go deeper than Water Wolf. It has better camera quality. it has a mobile app, float, night vision, and also live streaming video in case you float fishing. I, personally have GoFish Cam and it has a good build. If I had to decide between these two I would pick GoFish Cam right away.

So what do you think? Do you agree with me, or do you prefer Water Wolf? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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