Drone Fishing Important Posts

Considering drone fishing? Well, you have got to the right place. We at Finish-Tackle.com are a drone fishing lovers. Fishing with your drone will take your fishing to the next level you have been waiting for. And for sure it will increase your chances of catching the fish of your dreams. Now, keep in mind, the drone will not catch the fish for you, but it will help you get closer to it. It will bring your bait to the spots and places you couldn’t reach till now. No more balloons, no more kytes… I am sure you will get into it fast. All you need to make sure is that you ride on the right track and you will be fine.  

Since every year there are new drone models, and every year there are new payload release devices. So, if you want to stay relevant, save this page in your favorites, cause we will keep this page updated and relevant all the time. And once we get an update we will inform you about it.

Drone Fishing - Where Do I Start?

A lot of questions anglers have when they want to start fishing using their drone. It always starts with the question of which drone to pick. And in case you already have a drone, than your next question will be “can I use my drone for fishing?”. Once you are over these 2 questions, then you are most likely to ask which bait dropping device you should match to the drone. 

So let me put that very fast and simple for you. Basically you can use almost every drone out there for fishing. While serious anglers are buying dedicated fishing drones, some others prefer to begin they journey with a simple drone and step up with time.

So, before getting into the whirlpool of opinions and decisions, I will suggest you to begin with reading the most important articles about drone fishing. 

Do you want more? Next, you can find other good articles about drone fishing that will teach you more about it. If you want to learn more about it, you are welcome to visit our blog section. There you will find many more articles about fishing drones, bait dropping devices, drones comparisons, tips, tricks, and much more. These posts will help you choose the right tools, reduce risks, and even fix your drone in case of damage. 

Fishing Drones

Okay, now that you have got the idea about drone fishing, it is time for you to pick the right drone for yourself. In case you are interested in a dedicated drone for fishing, here are the best drones that are available for you.  Currently, the advantages of getting a dedicated fishing drone are due to the facts that they are:

  1. Waterproof
  2. Floats over water
  3. Has a dedicated bait-dropping device.
  4. Can lift more heavy baits than other drones that are not made for fishing. 

Bait-Dropping Devices

Drop Loop

Before we list the variety of our payload release devices, you should know what is a drop loop. In case you don’t know what it is, then I will first say that all of the bait-dropping devices, except one, will require you to be familiar with it. The one that does not require a drop loop is the Sky Rigger. If you want to know what is a drop loop please read our post about rigs

Your next step will be choosing the right bait dropping device for your drone. Well, that’s of course if you didn’t already buy a dedicated fishing drone. So, in case you decided to go with a drone such as DJI Phantom 3 or 4, or maybe even Mavic Pro or Air 2, or even some other drone, that is all fine. But in order to use it for fishing, you will need to buy for it a bait-dropping device.

Payload release devices for all the drones

So, here, we listed out for you all of the bait dropping devices that you can find for your drone. Keep in mind that in case you don’t find a specific model for your drone, there is one generic device that works with a remote controller and can be adjusted on most of the drones today. Keep in mind that most of the bait-dropping devices are split into 2 major groups. Mechanical and Electric. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. I highly recommend you to read our post about choosing the right payload release device before choosing one. 

Fishing Drones Accessories

Wetsuits and Rescue Jackets

Finally, in drone fishing, after choosing a drone and a bait dropping device, you can step up and even have more accessories for your drone, that will protect the drone from situations you will need to avoid yourself.  For example, let’s say you started fishing with your drone, and your drone is currently 500 meters away from you. Now imagine that at this point it starts raining. If your drone is not waterproof, or even not water-resistant, your drone is in danger. So, getting a wetsuit for your drone can 100% protect your drone from the water, allowing you to return the drone with no issues. You won’t need to stop fishing with it, on the contrary, you can continue fishing as nothing happened.  

Chargers, Finders, and more...

While the accessories for drones can help you fish, some of the accessories can help you regardless of fishing. Accessories such as chargers or drone finders (in case of a crash). In this group, we have landing pads for drones in order to reduce the risks of catching your drone with your hands.  So here are the most popular accessories you can get to your drone.

A Picture worth a thousand words

So here are just a few pictures of anglers that caught fish using their drones. Do you want to be on this list… Send us your pictures and we will add you to our hall of fame.

Have Questions

So before we wrap up everything, we would like to know if you have any questions or concerns about drone fishing? You do? No worries, we in Finish-Tackle would love to help you out. Drop us your question or concern on our contact page, and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours (unless its the weekend).