Drone Fishing Rig Setup

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Drone Fishing Rig Setup

Drone fishing rig setup is one of the most important things you will need to know when you decide to start drone fishing. You see, for many new drone fishing anglers, it seems that once you have a drone you are all set. But having a drone is just the beginning. The drone is just the first step towards the solution which is called “drone fishing”.

probably it was since the drone is the most expensive element in the recipe. But surely, the drone is not the only element you will need. In case you thought the same, let me ask you this one… what’s your next move?

Let’s say you are going to the beach with your usual fishing gear and drone. And let’s say that you even bought a good bait-dropping device for it. You attached it properly to your drone, and now what? How are you going to attach the line to the bait dropping device? Also, how far should be the bait from the drone? And, like these questions I just mentioned, there are more important questions you should ask your self. These questions about your rig setup are very important.

Why drone fishing rig setup is so important?

The rig setup is extremely important due to two main reasons:

  1. Making sure you will not crash your drone.
  2. Making sure nobody else will get hurt.

So let’s see what else do you need for drone fishing, which is going to be part of your whole drone fishing rig setup.

Drone Fishing Rig Setup – Requirements

Well, except for your normal fishing gear, there are a few more things that you will need to have in order to drone fishing properly.

Let’s start with the fishing line. Since normally you can’t cast for long distances, the first thing you will need is a long fishing line. Longer than you used until now. I can recommend you to have at least 700 meters of fishing line.

Other than that, you will need the drone, and a bait dropping device for it.

In case you didn’t buy a bait dropping device yet…

Before buying a bait dropping device, you need to know that different bait dropping devices require different rig setups. The reason for this lies in the way you can attach your fishing line to it. I will explain here the differences, so it is up to you to consider wisely before you purchase your preferred bait dropping device. And remember, there is no right or wrong here. It is more up to your convenience.

Also, regardless of the differences in the way you attach the fishing line to the bait dropping devices, there are 2 types of devices. Electric and mechanic. Some anglers prefer the electric while others prefer the mechanic. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. However, I won’t be speaking about that here, as I will get into the different styles for the rig setups.

So, let’s start speaking about the major 2 differences in rig setups.

To Drop-Loop or not To Drop-Loop – That is the Question

Whether you decided to buy an electric bait dropping device, or you bought a mechanic bait dropping device, the way I see it… In drone fishing rig setup, you can choose to set a drop-loop or not. Most of the bait dropping devices requires a drop loop. And there is one device that does not require you to make a drop loop.

First, What is Drop-Loop?

Drop loop is a loop you make at the end of your fishing line. This loop you attach to your bait dropping device. And when you decide to release the bait from the drone, here you have 2 options. In case you have an electric payload release device, then all you have to do is click a button and that’s it. In case you have a mechanic device, then you have to make tension on the line which will make the loop to release from the device.

Drone fishing rig setup for a drop loop means that you need to add a loop to your main fishing line. You can add it to the end of the line, or you can attach it in the middle. Let me show you what I mean.

Here is a drawing showing you how it looks like when the drop loop is at the end of the line:

Drone Fishing Rig Setup - Drop Loop at the end of the fishing line

And here is a drawing showing you how it looks like when the drop loop is at the middle of your mainline:

Drone Fishing Rig Setup - Drop Loop in the middle of the fishing line

When you put a drop loop in the middle of the line, the length of the line from the drop loop till the end is important. The reason it is important is since a too-short line can cause a pendulum effect, which can crash your drone. You see, when you fly your drone, the line with the bait is dragged after the drone. And when you stop the drone and hover, the bait continues to “fly”. That is the crucial point when it can be dangerous to your drone. The way to resolve it is by making sure the rest of the line will be long enough, this way the pendulum effect is decreased significantly. So, if you understand that, my recommendation to you is to have the rest of the line be somewhere between 6 meters to 10 meters.

A good bait dropping device that requires you to use a drop loop is the SkyClip by UAV Electronics. They developed a dedicated device for the Phantom, the Mavic, and also for the SPRY drone.

How to Release a drop loop rig

The way to release your bait from a mechanic bait dropping device is different from the electric one. In a mechanical bait dropping device, all you need to do is create tension between you and the drone using the fishing line. The way you achieve it is very simple. Just close your reel’s bail and let your drone fly forward. This way, the bait dropping device would not have enough strength to hold the line, and the loop will get released.

Drone fishing rig setup - drop loop explanation

In an electric bait dropping device, it is very simple. The device has 2 states, close and open. And whenever you want to release the bait, you just click a button to open the gate, and that’s it.

Drone fishing rig setup - drop loop with electric device explanation

Or not to Drop Loop…

Another option for your drone fishing rig setup is not to use a drop loop. But, remember! This is for you to decide before buying your bait dropping device. Remember that each bait dropping device determines which style you will use.

The only good bait dropping device that is not using a drop loop is the Sky Rigger. The way you work with the sky rigger is by setting a pressure between both plates of the device. The pressure is holding the line in between. And the way you release the line is the same as I explained to you with the drop loop when using a mechanic device. Look at the following picture, so you will understand better.

The Sky Rigger has an additional advantage. The advantage is that you do not need to change anything in your fishing rig, you don’t need to make the drop loop in order for that to work.

As for the rig setup, when I spoke with Jaiden Maclean from SeaUlcer he told me the following:

Drone Fishing Rig Setup - Jaiden recommendationI never used a drop loop in my life, and I designed the Sky Rigger to be used without one. As for the rig, 10 meters of line from Sky Rigger to bait if your sight casting or trolling lures.

If you are just popping a bait off out the back, then have what ever you like. Looking for fish and placing the bait perfectly in their path silently



I have listed here 3 different ways of rig setups for you to choose from. You are left to decide with the preferred setup you like. Remember, there is no right or wrong here. Whatever you decide, stick with it, and most important have fun and catch fish. Remember to follow the rules I mentioned in here, this way you keep your drone, and your surroundings safe.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions about any of the drone fishing rig setup I mentioned in here, and I will be glad to answer.

Till the next time, fly safe and tight lines.

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