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In the past few years, drone fishing became super popular among many anglers. And like every other type of fishing, each one has its ups and downs periods than others. And drone fishing is no different. Drone fishing has better seasons over others. And having the Summer just around the corner, it is the perfect time to explain anything you need to know about drone fishing in the summer, and by that to ensure your success.

Fishing in the Summer

But, before I will explain why you should start using your drone in your fishing, I will explain, why you should be fishing in the summer from the first place. This will help me, later on, emphasize for you what you can achieve if you take the advantages of your skills, the season and, of course, your drone.

Well, it is known that when it comes to fishing,  the winter is much better than the summer. It is better in quantity, in size, and quality. Having that said, fishing in the summer still can provide you with a good dose of adrenalin. Well that if you prepare yourself properly, and you are willing to change your approach and strategy. 

You can be sure that when anglers are using the same fishing techniques in the winter and in the summer, the results will be pro-winter. However, many experienced anglers I know, are actually catching the monster fish in the summer. And since the summer has the best weather conditions, if you will apply the tips I am about to share with you, it will be a win-win situation for you.

Why fishing in the summer is usually weaker?

One of the main reasons why fishing in the summer is weak is due to the water temperature. You see, when I was a young kid, my uncle told me that during the summer he is not fishing since “the fish are not there”. So, I asked my uncle, did the fish went on a vacation? So, my uncle explained to me that the fish are still in the sea but it is too hot for them. And they left to a colder place. And when I got a bit older I learned that fish are cold-blooded creatures. Hence, they cannot stand hot water since their body cannot cool it, like we the humans do. So the solution for the fish is to go to deeper places since the water is colder over there.

And this is exactly where drone fishing in the summer is useful. 

Look, if you want to reach out to the fish in the summer, you will need to cast to longer distances. Assuming you are used to casting up to a distance of 100 meters, it is good, but still, some fish won’t be there since it is still too hot for them. However, casting to a longer distance of, let’s say, 300 meters, it can be a game changer for you, since at 300 meters the water is much deeper, hence much colder. But, can you cast your bait up to a distance of 300 meters? I don’t think so.

So, drones are the best to solve this issue.

Why Drone Fishing in the Summer is Good?

Drone Fishing in the Summer - Great catch

In general, the entire idea behind a fishing drone is to carry out your bait to wherever you need it to. And if I compare the summer to the winter, the drone is more essential.

You see, in the winter, lots of fish are getting closer to shore. However, in the summer, the fish prefer deeper places which are farther away from the shore. And that will require you to cast to longer distances – which you can’t reach using a rod.

So when you are using a drone for fishing, that solves the distance problem. Not mentioning that it will give you a great advantage over others.

What time of the day drone fishing in the summer is best?

Most anglers know that the best hours in the day are the best for fishing are the early mornings and then later before sunset. That means, waking up before the roosters and go to the beach as soon as possible. And since the days are longer, you probably won’t stay till sunset to try fish again.

But, if you use a drone for fishing, you can wake up normally with no stress, have your coffee peacefully, pack your fishing tackle and head over to the beach. When you will get there, probably most of the anglers have done fishing already. That will give you more space and less disturbance. You have the entire day to fish.

I know that the fish bite mostly at sunrise and sunset, but fish bite all day. And while you offering them lunch, you might have a great surprise you did not expect it.

Fishing pictures with SplashDrone 3+banner

Are there other good solutions except for drones?

In order to acquire the distance you need, there are other solutions for you. Solutions like a bait launcher or even a kite. Some even using an inflatable boat and once they cast the bait, they open the reel’s bail and getting back to the shore.

But after going thru all the available solutions, drones are the best solution in regards to speed, preparations, and accuracy. And this is exactly why drone fishing in the summer is so great.

What makes the summer good for Drone Fishing?

But wait, that is not all. Since I am explaining to you the advantages of using drones for fishing in the summer, I will explain how is that different when comparing that to the winter.

1. The winds are not as strong

If you read our post about drone fishing risks, you probably know that winds are one of the drone’s great enemy. Since during the winter the winds can be extremely strong, it is very risky to fly your drone at those times. If you are not sure what are the limits of your drone, make sure you read our post about the best fishing drones where I indicate each of the limits of each drone. 

But, during the summer, you have days where the winds are very calm. Hence, it makes it the best time to fly your drone for fishing, without risking it. 

2. It is not raining

Even on days that have normal winds, If your drone is not waterproof (like the Phantom or Mavic), you cannot fly your drones when it is raining or snowing. Unless you have the SplashDrone 3+ which is completely waterproof. 

3. The weather is great

Well, this is not related to your drone as for yourself. Most of the people like to go to the beach in the summer since it has the best weather conditions. And since you will be dressed differently, it will be easier for you to control the drone. 

4. More days for fishing 

Since the winter brings the storms along with it, not all days are relevant for fishing. While in the summer almost every day can be perfect.

5. More hours for fishing

In the summer the days are longer than nights. The sunrise is sooner, and the sunset is later. That means more time is available for you for your daylight fishing. 

6. Night Fishing

Drone Fishing in the Summer - Night Fishing

Night fishing in the summer is usually better than many other hours of the day. This is since the fish are cold-blooded. Hence, they go to the deepest places when the water is too warm for them. So the nights make a good time for them to go out looking for food. And if you have proper lighting for your drone, like the PL4 device for SplashDrone 3+ drones, you won’t need to guess where the fish are, since it will be visible from above.

Other than that, at nights the shores are quieter, no swimmers around, and while getting that peace of mind, you can work better. 

Drone Fishing in the Summer – Risks

After going thru all the fun stuff, it is time to remind you about things you should be aware of. 

It is too Crowdy

Drone Fishing in the Summer - The beaches are full

While summer is really the best season for you to enjoy at the beach, that is the same for many others. Flying a drone over people is very dangerous and you should be aware of that and be very careful while operating your drone with the hooks and baits.

The same advice (warning, if you would like) goes when landing the drone back. If you are using the “Return Home” feature, make sure that no one is near that point. The blades of the drone can cause a serious cut. I would advise you to consider hand catching your drone, however, be very careful when doing so. 

The sun is bright and dazzling

Drone Fishing in the Summer - The sun is bright and dazzling

While the day is very bright and clear, the strong sunlight can dazzle you a lot. This can cause the drone to be less visible to you, or even not visible at all. And even if you fly your drone with a camera, you still must make sure that you drop your bait at the correct spot. Also, follow the drone with your eyes, making sure no one will get hurt. Also, make sure the drone carries your line with its bait without no disturbance to other people or animals which are on the beach.


if you follow these very these simple tips, drone fishing in the summer will be very rewarding for you. And you will shock your friends (and yourself) with the size of fish you will catch.

And as you can see in the following picture, these guys from Sea Ulcer are using their special bait dropping device, the Sky Rigger, to catch great tuna fish. And they have done it several times already.

Drone Fishing in the Summer - Sky Rigger

Let’s me know what you think about drone fishing in the summer. Did you try it already? Did you succeed or failed so far.

We at finish-tackle are looking for all types of solutions for drone fishing, and we have great knowledge and experience about it. So, if you are looking for a solution, don’t be shy and ask. We might have it ready for you. Let me know what are your difficulties and I promise I will resolve it for you.

And till the next time, tight lines and fly safely.

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