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Drone Fishing – How to Perfectly Control your drone

Drone Fishing - Perfectly Control Your Drone - DJI Flight Simulator

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Drone Fishing – How to Perfectly Control your drone

In our latest post about drone fishing risks, I was teaching you how to prevent your drone from crashing as much as possible. However, in this article, I will be teaching you how you can minimize the risks even better, and reach a level where you can perfectly control your drone. And what’s even better, is that you will reach this level without even risking your own drone.

Afraid to crash your drone?

Well, every drone owner is afraid of crashing out his drone, especially if the drone is expensive. YouTube is full of videos that show how many people crashed their drones already, and I am sure more new videos are about to come. Here is a recent one I found.

Well, what would you say, if I will tell you a way to perfectly control your drone without risking your drone at all? And, no, I am not talking about practicing with someone’s else drone.

Do you how is that possible?

DJI Flight Simulator

Well, it seems that DJI, one of the biggest manufactures for drones today, developed a flight simulator. But before you start your celebration, keep in mind that this flight simulator is for DJI drones only.

Regardless of drone fishing, DJI is trying to improve the safety and efficiency of any kind of flight missions. – DJI Flight Simulator is a drone pilot training solution that makes your training easy, accessible, intuitive and safe. And what’s even better it looks very realistic.

Perfectly control your drone – How does it work?

Very simple. DJI Flight Simulator is a Windows© based software, that lets you connect a DJI compatible remote controller to your computer. You launch the software, and all you have to do is select your desired training scenario.

DJI Flight Simulator – 3 training modules

Within the simulator, you have 3 training modules, which will prepare you as a drone pilot to accomplish any task you will need from your drone.

The first module is “Skill Training”. In this module, you will practice basic flying exercises, like takeoff and maneuvering. Flying in rectangle track, or square track.

The second module is the “Free Flight”. In this module, you can choose a “scene” where you want to fly. The simulator offers you a variety of scenes. Then you can fly your drone for hours all using the remote control.

The third module is the “Application Training”. This module is not relevant for drone fishing, and more to industry flying tasks. I encourage you to try this module as well, as you can fine-tuning your flying skills even better.

 How real is the simulator?

DJI Flight simulator accurately responds the way each specific drone model performs in real-life situations. This is basically the biggest advantage of the simulator since it is allowing you not to worry about crashing your real drone, and not worry about the consequences that can happen from crashing it.

Perfectly Control your drone – 3 flight modes

Another important feature of the flight simulator is the fly modes. The flight simulator offers 3 modes which are the same on your real drone. Position mode, Sports mode, and ATTI mode (Attitude).

DJI Flight Simulator - Main Menu - 5 options

Perfectly Control your drone – 5 points of views

In addition to the fly modes, DJI Flight Simulator has 5 point-of-views available:

  • Pilot FPV (First Person View)
  • Remote Control View
  • Drone FPV
  • Drone Follow View
  • Third Person View

The first 3 mentioned point of views are the most important ones since it allows you to train yourself, like as you would in real life.

Thanks to the great physics software engine, the simulator can also simulate for you different flight conditions such as sunrise, sunset, winds and other weather conditions.

DJI Flight Simulator - Simulator View from Flight

Perfectly Control your drone – Which drones are supported?

DJI Flight Simulator simulates a wide range of their drones, such as the Phantom, Mavic, Inspire and more.

Having a drone which is not supported by the simulator?

That’s okay. Many drone issues are caused due to a lack of pilot’s experience. So even if you have a drone which is not supported by the simulator (like SplashDrone 3+), I highly encourage you to practice with it, especially if you are new to drones. Trust me, you will thank me later.

Not a 100% coverage

In my other article about drone fishing risks, I mentioned that the risks that can cause your drone to crash are divided into 3 different groups:

  1. Pilot skills
  2. Drone errors
  3. Surrounding – like birds, winds, and etc.

Well, the flight simulator won’t save you from all of these risks, but at least it can help you with your skills – improving them to the maximum, which is the most important one. Of course, it cannot save your drone from a bird which is feeling threatened by it. And it won’t save your drone from many other scenarios, but I am sure that it will reduce the risks a lot, and will provide you with great control over your drone in many hard situations.

Virtual VS Reality

As the flight simulator is a great start, this is not the only thing I recommend you to do. After all, the reality is always better than a virtual simulator. So, once you feel comfortable with the simulator, go out and fly your drone. Do it as you learned in the simulator. Practice the basics and continue from there. Continue to the next step only when you feel confident with yourself.


It doesn’t matter which drone you have, a Phantom, a Mavic, or even SplashDrone 3+. I am sure that you, like many others, love your drone. And depends on your specific drone model, I am sure that you have practiced it a lot in order to minimize the possibilities to crash it.

Drone fishing requires you to reach another level beyond the standard flying capabilities since you need to operate your fishing tackle in addition to your drone at the same time.  So, try to take every step at a time and don’t push yourself and your drone to the limits – at least not at the beginning. A normal fish does not worth crashing a 1000$ drone.

Do you have another way that helps you perfectly control your drone? Let me know that in the comments section below. And let’s help everyone keeping their drone safe (and dry).

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