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Why Drone Fishing?

Drones became extremely popular in our life, and fishing drones are no different in this manner. However, not too many anglers are aware of drone fishing advantages.

You see, in general, using drones in our life has many advantages. And as such there are also many advantages in using the drones for our fishing purposes. When I find myself speaking with people about it, they are all fascinating watching how using a drone drops a bait in the middle of the sea, and the angler is holding a monster fish in his hands a few minutes later.

Usually, the responses are like “Wow!!!” or “This is Genius”. Well, they are right. Drone fishing is genius. And if you are still wondering for yourself if to use your drone for fishing or not, or should you buy your self a fishing drone, well, my friend, this drone fishing advantages list will help you decide the right answer.

Don’t take drones for granted

Before I will start with the drone fishing advantages, I feel a duty to say that we cannot ignore the risks by flying drones as well.

In the beginning, the governments defined (at the customs) the drones as toys, but a few years after, they realized they are not toys, and now they are defined as UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). And several regulations around the world are taking actions towards drone pilots. So, we, as well, must not look at drones as toys, and we must understand the risks when flying drones and be very careful.

Back to our story

When drones and fishing met for the first time, the results were amazing. While people were a bit skeptic about the success that drones can bring to it, today many people understand that the limits are expended and anglers can reach places they couldn’t reach out before, thank for the using of drones on their favor.

Here is one good, well-known video, that illustrates, in short, the drone fishing advantages:

Many anglers, that realized the potential in drones, realized super-fast that having a fishing drone will be a game changer for them. While learning the drone fishing advantages, they kept the “secrets” for themselves, like they kept their secret fishing spots.

However, as time goes by, more anglers understand the drone fishing advantages and they are using drones in their fishing.

Drone fishing advantages – The market

One of the ways that proof the drone fishing advantages are real, is the existence of dedicated fishing drones and the amount of drone fishing accessories that are coming out every year to our market.

There are fishing drones like the SplashDrone, and drone fishing accessories like the Sky Rigger by Sea Ulcer, Drone Sky Hook, PGYTECT, FLiFLi, Gannet, and more.

But I must warn you! While some accessories work very well, some of them can risk and crash your drone. So, if you need any help in choosing the right gear, comment me, or send me even an email and I promise to help you out.

Finally, the list of Drone Fishing Advantages

So, as I said before, drones are a game changer in fishing. And here are the top drone fishing advantages:

  1. Since drones have cameras, you can use your drone to search for new good fishing spots.
  2. Using the camera on your favor, you can locate schools of fish in your surroundings.
  3. You can record the whole flight and see the drop point, and learn how the fish reacts to the bait.
  4. Thanks to the camera and the GPS, it will be easier for you to come back each time to your secret spots.
  5. You can plan a route for the drone to fly and learn a whole new area within minutes.
  6. Allow you to take out line hundreds of meters with no problem. So, basically, you are casting your line with zero effort.
  7. Brings your bait to places that are very hard to reach.
  8. The drone can drop your bait in any water condition.
  9. In order to send out your bait for 500 meters, you won’t need to have a kayak.
  10. Not using a kayak, means you can go fishing in hard reachable places, where bringing a kayak is not possible.
  11. Taking a drone with you is very easy and mobile, allowing you to reach more fishing spots.
  12. A fishing drone won’t scare out fish that are on the water surface. This is an issue you had when using a kayak or a boat.
  13. A drone is cheaper than a kayak, or a boat – not mentioning the extra fees and licensing.
  14. Drones will save you from getting into the water, in order to get a better casting distance. So, in winter, when the water is super cold, you can cast your line to far distance with ease.
  15. You can use the drone to drop some food in order to feed an area before you start fishing at that spot.


Drone fishing has lots of advantages. For now, I have listed in here only the top 15 drone fishing advantages. I am sure that the videos I added in here excited you as much as they excited me.

There are more advantages to drone fishing, but I think that this list alone is enough to let you understand the great potential in drone fishing and seriously consider using your drone in your favor.

Keep in mind, that using the drone alone won’t be enough, and I highly recommend you to purchase the proper accessories for it.

Do you have more drone fishing advantages I did not list in here?

Let me know in the comments section below and I will add that in here.

Till next time, fly safe and tight lines.

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