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The Whopper Plopper

A Whopper Plopper fishing lure is quite a new fishing lure in the market, and I have to say, it is one of the best topwater fishing lures in the market today.

Still, not too many brands are making their own whopper plopper lures. But don’t get confused. The idea of this lure is quite simple. It has a rotating tail, which normally, it is made of soft material. And it is equipped with 2 fishing hooks – normally treble hooks.

The action of the lure is when you reel it back. The tail is rotating in the water, which causes a splash. And the splash is getting the right attention of the fish right away.

The whopper plopper fishing lure is a very noticeable lure on the water, and it is not only beloved by the fish, but also by the anglers that see the beautiful splash when the fish comes out of the water to attack the lure.

What can you target with a Whopper Plopper?

Since the whopper plopper is a topwater fishing lure, you can target any fish that attacks at the upper section of the water. In freshwater, fish like bass, yellow perch, pikes, muskies and more will love this lure and will respond to it very well. On saltwater, fish like bluefish and seabass will love this lure as well. 

But it doesn’t stop with these fish only. Since the idea behind every fishing lure is to get the attention of the fish, you can use this lure on every fish you used to catch using a topwater fishing lure.

Which whopper plopper fishing lure should you buy?

There are 3 great whopper plopper that I know to offer you. 2 of them has the same style but a different shape, and the third one is featuring a unique style – instead of the rotating tail, it has a rotating body.

Each one of the lures has different sizes and colors to offer, in order to match different water conditions, you might face.

From my experience, the 9cm is providing the best results in freshwater, while in saltwater all sizes will be good for you – of course, it all depends what fish you target.

#1 Most popular

This whopper plopper has the best variety to offer.

10 different colors along with 3 different lengths and weights. Each one of the colors should help you catch fish. Make sure you select the color according to water clarity and the hour you fish (sunset, sunrise…).

Most popular Whopper Plopper Fishing Lure - Finish-Tackle



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#2 New Shape

The second whopper plopper has a new shape which has a great swimming action, gets the right attraction from the fish and will provide you with great results.

It comes with 6 different colors and 2 different sizes 9cm and 11 cm.

Newest Whopper Plopper Fishing Lure - Finish-Tackle

Here is a video showing its swimming action

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#3 Newest Style

The last whopper plopper lure on this list, as said earlier, has a different style. Instead of rotating its tail, it has a whole rotating body. 

Some anglers are calling this lure the rotating wobbler, but some are relating this fishing lure to the family of the whopper plopper.

Having new styles of fishing lures is very important in fishing for several reasons. Sometimes, having a new style will be the one that will make the difference, and will provide you with the fish you are after.

New style Whopper Plopper Fishing Lure - Finish-Tackle

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