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Are you, like many others, want to have a piece of mind when flying your drone next to water? No doubt that the drones market is overloaded with so many different brands, models, and variations. This fact makes it a bit tricky and hard for someone like you, who wants to pay the least and get the most out of his drone. So, it made me decide and make for you this great list of the best waterproof drones that exist today (for private use only). And since I know that most of the people are looking for drones with a camera, so this list, as well, will have inside a waterproof drone with a camera.

It doesn’t matter what do you need a drone for. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are. Many drones are getting ruined every single day due to water. So, it is no surprise that the interest in waterproof drones is increasing all the time.

And since the demand for waterproof drones increases, so does the number of new waterproof drones’ models.

So, who are the best waterproof drones out there? which one is good enough for you? Which one you should choose? You also need to decide if you are after a waterproof drone with a camera, or not?

Keep reading this detailed post I made about the most popular waterproof drones, and bring you the most important details you need to know. So, get ready to my best waterproof drones list.

Before we start

One important note before we start, keep in mind that there are drones that are promoted as waterproof, but their accessories are not waterproof. Moreover, there are some drones that are being advertised for being waterproof but they are only water-resistant – and not waterproof. So be sure you read all info about the drone before you buy it. In this post, I will list only real waterproof drones.

List of best waterproof drones I am about to introduce

  • SwellPro SplashDrone 3+
  • Cuta Copter EX-1
  • SwellPro SPRY drone
  • QuadH2O QuadH2O
  • QuadH2O HEXH20
  • IDEAFLY Poseidon-480
  • Nautilus Evolution Drone
  • AguaDrone
  • JJRC H31

SwellPro SplashDrone 3+

Best waterproof drone - SwellPro SplashDrone 3+

SwellPro, in general, is the most popular brand today which makes waterproof drones for commercial use. And as such, the SplashDrone 3+ is the most reliable drone we know, and with its 4K 3 axis camera, it will be suitable for all your fishing and filming needs.

Since the SplashDrone 3+ is 100% completely waterproof drone with a camera. You can have peace of mind when flying this excellent drone in every environment and whether you want.

It seems that SwellPro thought about anything when they developed their latest SplashDrone 3+ model. The SplashDrone 3+, In addition to being waterproof, it’s also floating over the water. And in case it fell to the water on its back, that should not be a problem. The SplashDrone 3+ has a flip feature that will bring it back to its normal orientation. So, for you, there is no need to worry about anything. You can fly the drone and be focused on your filming or fishing adventure and not worry about ruining your drone. One important note to remember about the SplashDrone 3+ is that this drone is modular. So, you can easily attach it with a waterproof camera, or a payload release, etc.

The price of the SplashDrone 3+ basic platform starts at 1,199$ and depends on the extra accessories you will need, the price can go higher.

Here are the main specs of the SwellPro SplashDrone 3+

Range1600 meters
Weight1447g (without battery)
Max Flight Speed58 km/h
Max Flight Time20-25 minutes
Flight ControllerSwellPro S3
Camera4K HD
Max Payload1 Kg
Special Water FeaturesWaterproof, floats, land over water, take off from water, flip in water, film underwater

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Cuta Copter EX-1

cuta-copter Ex-1 fishing 2 drones at the beach

Whoever is not familiar with Cuta Copter, I highly recommend you to stop ignoring them and pay full attention to these guys from South Africa. Cuta Copter builds high-quality drones and provides great customer service for their customers. Their drone EX-1 is not their first model, but it is the first model that deserves full attention in this list of best waterproof drones.

Range2000 meters
Weight1800g (without battery)
Max Flight Speed100 km/h
Max Flight Time20-25 minutes
Flight ControllerArduPilot
Max Payload3 Kg
Special Water FeaturesWaterproof, floats, land over water, take off from water, flip in water, film underwater

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SwellPro SPRY Drone

Best Waterproof Drone with Camera - The SPRY Drone

Another great drone by SwellPro is their newest drone called the SPRY drone.

The SPRY drone is another waterproof drone with a camera. But wait, not only it is a waterproof drone, but it also has a waterproof remote controller.

Compared to the SplashDrone 3+ I mentioned before, the SPRY drone is smaller but it is a bit faster.

It has a 4K camera on it, and it has the same waterproof features like the SplashDrone 3+, meaning it can flip in water, float, land on water, and take off as well. Its small size allows it to do some nice acrobats maneuvers.

SwellPro also developed excellent features to the SPRY drone, like “Return to Boat”, and also “Follow Orbit”.

The SPRY drone is a great drone that can be used perfectly in any water sports adventures.

The price of the SPRY drone is 899$. When we compare its price to the features it offers, it one of the best deals you can get today.

Here are the main specs of the SwellPro SPRY drone

Range800 meters
Weight538g (without battery)
Max Flight Speed65 km/h
Max Flight Time17 minutes
Flight ControllerSwellPro S3
Camera4K HD
Max Payload100 grams
Special Water FeaturesWaterproof, floats, land over water, take off from water, flip in water, film underwater

Before we go to the other waterproof drones on this list, here is a short video that demonstrates how easy and safe is to use a waterproof drone.

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QuadH20 – QuadH2O

Best waterproof drone with camera - quadh2o

The first model of QuadH20 company is the QuadH2o drone. QuadH2O makes today several waterproof drones, in which, some of them are for industrial use – and their prices are the same.

The QuadH2O comes in 2 flavors, the first is the RTF – Ready To Fly out of the box drone. This waterproof quadcopter will cost you around 2900$. However, the second one which is a DIY kit is more affordable and is being sold for 850$. Just keep in mind that the DIY kit does not come with the camera, gimbal and etc.

The QuadH2O can land on water and shoot great videos. You can also add other cameras to it, like GoPro Hero.

It’s fly time is not much and it sums up to 10 minutes, which will be reduced to 7 or 8 minutes, in case you will attach the camera and its’ gimbal to it.

Bare in mind that if you are about to order their drone online, the company is informing that it will take them up to four weeks to ship the drone to you.

Here are the main specs of the QuadH2O drone

Range1000 meters
Weight1600g (without battery)
Max Flight Speed72 km/h
Max Flight Time12 minutes
Flight ControllerDJI Naza v2
CameraSony FPV, GoPro Hero 3, 3+ or 4
GimbalGoPro external hard-mounted
Max Payload600 grams
Special Water FeaturesWaterproof, floats, land over water, take off from water, film underwater

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QuadH20 – HEXH20

Best Waterproof Drone with Camera - The HexH2O Drone

Another waterproof drone by QuadH2O is their HEXH20.

The HEXH2O is another waterproof drone with a camera. Like the previous one, it is another DIY kit, so it will be perfect for all you drone lovers that love to build and assemble your own aircraft. Its’ fly time is much better than QuadH2O. And it can fly up to 25 minutes. You can install inside its hull several accessories like DJI Lightbridge, Gimbal, and more.

The drone has the capability to carry up to 2kg of load, and QuadH2O has developed its own payload release which, like the SplashDrone 3+, can be used for fishing tasks.

Like the previous drone by QuadH2O, this is a DIY kit, which means that the camera, gimbal, and all other accessories are not included. You will need to purchase them separately. The price is only for the aircraft.

Here are the main specs of the HexH2O drone

Range1000 meters
Weight4700g (without battery)
Max Flight Speed56 km/h
Max Flight Time25 minutes
Flight ControllerDJI Naza v2 / A2
CameraGoPro Hero 4
GimbalDJI H3-3D / H4-4D gimbal
Max Payload2000 grams
Special Water FeaturesWaterproof, floats, land over water, take off from water, film underwater

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IDEAFLY Poseidon-480

Best waterproof drone with camera - IDEAFLY Poseidon-480

The IDEAFLY Poseidon-480 drone is another waterproof drone with a camera. This one, contrary to the previous one on this list, is a drone that was developed specifically for fishing. And as such, it was developed to fly near the water all the time.

However, since it was designed for fishing, its filming capabilities are limited and I wouldn’t suggest you use it for non-fishing tasks.

Another important note about this drone is its accessories. The servo which is attached to it is not waterproof. So, when using it for fishing (its’ real intent) landing the drone on the water can compromise your payload release and your camera, causing a shortage in its system.

The Poseidon does fly well and it is stable in the air. It is using DJI software, which means that you have DJI great features, like tap to fly, mission planning, and much more.

Here are the main specs of the Poseidon 480 drone

Range1600 meters
Weight2740g (without battery)
Max Flight Speed56 km/h
Max Flight Time20 minutes
Flight ControllerDJI Naza Flight Controller
Max Payload1200 grams
Special Water FeaturesWaterproof

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Nautilus Evolution Drone – Discontinued

Best waterproof drones - Nautilus Evolution Drone

In general, Nautilus Robotics International is a company from Cyprus who makes impressive RC boats. Now they are about to release their first drone to the market. And as such this is a new player in the drones’ playground.

The Nautilus Evolution Drone is only announced to be released during this month of January. And you can already pre-order it for 990 Euros. Once it will be released, its price will be 1200 Euros.

But, before you hurry up and pre-order it, you need to know that there are lots of missing details about this drone. We were told that even the pictures that already published, are the pictures of the tested model, and the final product won’t look like that. However, despite all of this, it is getting special attention, due to its upcoming release.

What we do know about it, is that it has an aluminum frame with the latest PIXHAWK flight Controller installed. It is using the ARDUCOPTER flight software and it can be controlled for a very long distance. I was informed by the company that the drone has an option for a 360-dome camera to be installed. Last, the fly range of the drone that was tested is 3 kilometers, which is the best range among all the waterproof drones I have listed here.

Unfortunately, the Nautilus Evolution Drone did not make it to the market, and the company focused its work on creating air-dropping devices for several models of drones. You probably heard about their SkyClip devices.

Here are the main specs of the Nautilus Evolution Drone

Range3000 meters
Weight3000g (without battery)
Max Flight Speed50 km/h
Max Flight Time25 minutes
Flight ControllerPixhawk with Mavlink Telemetry
CameraOptional Camera in front Dome HD
Max Payload2500 grams
Special Water FeaturesWaterproof, floats, land over water, take off from water


Best waterproof drone with camera - AguaDrone

AguaDrone is another waterproof drone with a camera that is designed specifically for fishing but compared to the Poseidon-480 it is fully waterproof. There is not much information about this drone as well since it was not released to the market yet. The AguaDrone is being published for quite some time, and I assume that the team behinds it is having some difficulties in finishing it up.

I did contact them earlier in 2018, and I was informed that they are still working on getting the AguaDrone out.

When they started their AguaDrone on Kickstarter their project did not go well, as they couldn’t raise even 1% of their pledge (Just for the comparison, when the SPRY drone was on Kickstarter, the pledge was for 28,000$ and it was funded in 45 minutes – which is truly amazing).

The future of the AguaDrone is not yet clear, but their product does look good and innovative. And they supposed to offer, in addition to the drone, a camera gimbal, FPV system, and even a waterproof case.

I do hope (and wait) to hear from them the more good news about their drone. And you can be sure that once I have it, I will update it right away.


Best waterproof drone - JJRC H31

Our last drone in this best waterproof drones list is the JJRC H31. This is not a new drone, as it’s around us since 2016. The JJRC H31 is the cheapest drone on this list, and you can buy it for 30$.

This is considered a great toy drone and can be a great drone for beginners. And I would say that this is the best choice in its category of cheap drones.

It is also offering 2 colors, green and white, to choose from.

Its fly range is up to 80 meters – which for a toy drone is awesome. Its battery will give you up to 8 minutes of fly time.

It floats over water, and like the serious drones within this list, you can land it on water and take off back again.

Before wrapping up…

Before wrapping up, I would like to note one important thing, which you must consider before purchasing a drone. And this is true to everything you want to buy in your life).

I am talking about the professionalism of a company.

For example, take a look at SwellPro. This company was established 6 years ago in 2013. However, only 4 years after, they have released their SplashDrone 3, which was a good and reliable drone. And you could see that even the SplashDrone 3 had several releases over time. Which, as time went by, I could see fewer and fewer people were complaining about it. And today, in January 2019, with the release of the SplashDrone 3+ edition, it is clearly considered as the best waterproof drone.  And this is also due to many great features, which you cannot find on any other company or drone.

Another thing you should consider is the matureness of a product.

When I see a new product on the market, I know that the first release will have several serious issues with it. And not because it is not good, but since only the customers can truly say what they will prefer more. And as so, I need to wait for the second or third release in order to have most of the issues fixed.

Whoever is following SwellPro, can see that the SplashDrone 3+ is featuring many new features, which the customers were asking for. And another company you should not ignore is Cuta Copter. Cuta Copter is doing its way up slowly but surely, and the EX-1 model is a wonderful drone that. And I am sure it won’t be long till we see it more in our lives.


A few years back, we couldn’t make this great list of best waterproof drones. If we were to do it 2 or 3 years ago, many of the drones here weren’t exist yet. And if you were looking for a waterproof drone with a camera, that was almost impossible. Looking in the past years, we could see a great rise in the waterproof drones. For example, the SPRY and the SplashDrone 3+ drones were released only in October 2018, the EX-1 is about the release in the following weeks. Unfortunately, the Nautilus Evolution Drone is discontinued, and the AguaDrone does not have yet an official release time – and I don’t think that they will hit the market one day.

Even though not everyone succeeds in creating a waterproof drone, it shows you how important it is. This growing list of waterproof drones proves that the need for waterproof drones arises with time. I assume that this list will get bigger every year. I, of course, will keep this post updated as much as possible.

If you know any other good waterproof drones that are not listed here, I will be more than glad to hear about it. So, let me know who is your best waterproof drone you are familiar with.

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