Best Flashlight For Fishing

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The Best Flashlight For Fishing

Hi Guys, well today I am going to write about the best flashlight for fishing. You see, for several years I am using all of those CREE flashlights that arrive from China. These flashlights are good, don’t get me wrong about that. They have a strong light in several modes, like low, medium and high. But, there are a few serious problems with them, that sometimes can ruin my day of fishing.

The best flashlight for fishing - ArmyTek wide selection

Main Problems with flashlights

Well, when we all go fishing it means 2 things:

  1. We are going to be around water all the time.
  2. We pray to have fish near us all the time.

Since I am sure you agree with these 2 facts, you will also need to agree with these 2 problems:

  1. Water can ruin our flashlight very easily.
  2. Strong and wide light during fishing scares out the fish.

And indeed, during my years in fishing, I have ruined several flashlights and several batteries as well. I also remember the times I had no choice but to turn the light on, in order to see the fishing line. On these occasions, I sometimes even saw the fish run away.

Now, regarding the price, I know, these flashlights are not that expensive (around 15-20$), but each year I am purchasing a new flashlight. And considering that I am not fishing very often, buying a flashlight each year (on average) is quite a lot.

Other Problems

Other issues I have with flashlights are the fact that they can’t be used in different styles. For example, let say you buy a headlamp, well, that means you can’t use it as a regular flashlight that you hold in your hand. Well, of course, you can hold it in your hand, but it is not comfortable. In addition, headlamps, which are the most wanted flashlights in fishing, can’t be clipped to your pants. And since their size does not fit my pocket, I once tried to put it in my tackle box. But, in my tackle box, there is no space for this headlamp. Due to all of those facts, I find myself many times wearing the flashlight even when I don’t actually need it.

And, in fact, now that I think about it, it seems that I buy these flashlights mostly because of their price. After all, no matter how much it will cost, it will still have most of the problems I just mentioned.

And, if that is not enough… What about the batteries that can’t work in any temperature. For example, Batteries tend to be ruined at high temperatures. Like, forgetting the headlamp inside your car during the hot summer days can be very dangerous.

Okay, enough with being pessimistic. Let’s talk about a flashlight that solves all of these problems.

Best Flashlight For Fishing – The Solution

Thanks to the special flashlight by ArmyTek, I have found one special flashlight that is suitable perfectly for fishing. It has the main key features that a true fishing flashlight needs to have:

  1. It is completely 100% waterproof.
  2. Its’ light is invisible to fish – probably you going to read this line twice since you are not sure you really understood it correctly :).
  3. Wear it as you want, like a headlamp, or as a regular flashlight. You can mount it on bicycles, or attach it to any metal surface you want – this is since it has a magnet in its backside.
  4. It is quite small, and can easily be stored in your tackle box.
  5. Very strong, so in case it will fall on rocks it won’t break, or even run by a car.
  6. The flashlight works on severe temperatures like in ice or it can take fire and still work.

Did you ever believe that such a flashlight can exist? Well, you are probably asking yourself right now, which flashlight am I talking about. Right?

ArmyTek Wizard WR – The Best Flashlight For Fishing

I would like to introduce you to the ArmyTek Wizard WR flashlight. But since my enthusiasm can make me write a lot, I will first leave you looking at the following pictures:

Headlamp – best for fishingCan survive fireKeep working inside ice
Can be mounted on bicyclesCan be clipped to a pocketUnderwater up to 10 meters
Magnetic Surface – Magnetic ChargerStrong enough to be run by a car

The Wizard WR by ArmyTek is the best flashlight for fishing since it has so many unique and important features that makes it almost unreal. With the Wizard WR you don’t need to worry about anything when going out for fishing. It has a red diode which is completely invisible for fish, which means, you can change lures and baits, without the need to turn your back to the fish, or getting a few meters back in order to not scare the fish out. In addition, the Wizard WR has another 2 white LED diodes which allow you to use the flashlight as a regular flashlight. It can light up to 97 meters away. By the way, this flashlight comes in 2 flavors, one in White & Red colors. And the other one is Warm & Red. I personally prefer the white color.

If you will drop the Wizard WR straight to the water, it won’t break and won’t get ruined since it is 100% waterproof.

For your convenience, it also has a magnetic USB charger which makes life so easy when you need to recharge the flashlight.

Price Tag

How much are you worried about reading this part? Well, I have to say that I, at first, was thinking for myself that this flashlight probably costs a fortune. But it seems that except for surprises about the capabilities of this flashlight, I had another surprise from its price tag. This Wizard WR by ArmyTek is tagged under a 100$ and it will be delivered to you with an express carrier – meaning it will be in your hands in just a matter of a few days only.

Up to 48 Hours of Battery Life

Before jumping to my conclusions regarding the best flashlight for fishing, I almost forgot to check the runtime of the Wizard WR. Well, the Wizard WR can work for 2 hours in a row in its highest mode. And, when toggling between modes, you will get up to 48 hours in a row before you will need to charge the battery again.


Regardless of fishing, I am sure you have a flashlight somewhere in your possession. I mean, everyone has it in his house for any unexpected situation. However, if you go fishing, camping or any outdoor activity, having a good flashlight is absolutely a must. ArmyTek Wizard WR provides you with all the best features you can dream of a flashlight to have. This is by far the best flashlight for fishing I know.

What do you think about the ArmyTek Wizard WR? Do you think it is the best flashlight for fishing like me? Or maybe you are familiar with another great flashlight? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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