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Best Animated Lures – 3 Best Robotic Lures

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When I decided to list the best-animated lures on the market, I stopped for a second and thought about the whole fishing industry that exists today. Well, The fishing industry does not stop to invent new things for us, the anglers. Every few months we see a new type of a fishing lure that no one thought about before. And when we think that there can’t be anything new,  we are surprised again and again and again. And I will be honest, when I saw the first time in my life the animated lure, I thought for myself, that it is absolutely genius.

In general, an animated fishing lure is a swimbait lure that is electronically programmed to mimic the swim patterns of live bait. And by that, to attract a fish to bite it.

best animated lures - 17 styles

Best Animated Lures – Low Competition

Animated lures are around us for 2 years, and they are getting more popular as time goes on. But, still, 2 years after they got into the market, there are not too many factories who make them.

The competition for the best-animated lures is divided into two companies. The first is making them in different sizes, while the other is sticking with the same size, however, they are making different styles.

The first company is, this company offers 3 different sizes of lures. and the second company makes 17 different styles of animated lures at the same size.

Regarding the animated movement, which is the most important thing, they are all the same. They all start to work after several seconds once they hit the water. They all swim in a circular path and they all stop every few seconds. So, all you are left to do is to compare their weight, length, working time, extra propellers and price. According to that, and that only, you should choose your preferred lure. Uniqueness

best animated lures - AnimatedLures

AnimatedLure currently has 3 sizes for animated lures. Mini, Classic and Salt-Water. Currently, the salt-water version is available for pre-order only.

The Salt Water model is 22.35 cm and weighs 147.42 grams. The salt-water version has 6 different styles. Keep in mind that this version is a bit pricy, and you will need to pay 80$ for each lure. Not sure that I am willing to pay such an amount for one fishing lure.
The Classic model is 13.34 cm and weighs 48.19 grams. For this version, there are 17 styles available. As for the price, this model will cost you 33$ to 35$, depends on the style.
The Mini model is 6.35 cm and weighs 7 grams. The mini version has 16 different styles available. This model will cost you 30$ to 33$, depends on the style.

In case you want to purchase extra propellers, and I highly recommend you to do so, well, that will cost you an extra 1$ for each one.

Competitor Uniqueness

best animated lures - Competitor

The other company that competes with AnimatedLure, has 17 different styles for animated lures. While all their lures are the same size of 13cm, their weights are split into 2 groups.  In the first group, there are 4 different classic lures that weigh 34 grams. The second group has 13 different styles of lures and they weigh 54 grams.  The reason for the difference in their weight is due to a bigger battery that holds double the time. So while the first group works up to 1 hour, the second group works up to 2 hours.

Regarding the price, the first group, and some from the second group cost 25$, and all the rest (from the second group) will cost you 35$.

Last, are the extra propellers. You can purchase extra propellers in groups of 5 units. Every 5 propellers will cost you 3$.

Best Animated Lure – Which one to choose

Well, you should follow a very simple here. If you need a small animated lure then go with lures. However, if 13 centimeters are good for you, I suggest you go with the competitor. The lure is much cheaper, by 8$ for each lure. Also, extra propellers will cost you less. And trust me, I am telling you that from experience, you will need extra propellers. Assuming you will purchase 5 extra propellers, we are talking about 10$ difference. That means that every 3 lures by you can purchase 4 lures from the competitor.


If you are serious about using animated lures, I have listed in here all the animated lures that are available on the market that I know. When new animated lures will be introduced, I will update this post, so you will stay updated.

Since there is no difference in the movement of the lures, you need to choose the best-animated lures for you according to the size, style, and price.  If you interested in small, light-weighted lures, go with, otherwise, I highly recommend you purchase the other animated lures, as it will save you dozens of dollars. Also, they have enough styles that you can match to your fishing conditions.

Let me know what you think about animated lures, do you think about purchasing one, or maybe you already have one. Which fish did you catch using them? Let me know that in the comments section below.

Till the next time, tight lines.




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