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How to handle LiPo Batteries

How To Handle LiPo Batteries

Lots of people don’t really know (or aware of ) how to handle LiPo batteries. Probably, the battery is something you less interested in. I

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What is a drop loop - featured image

What is a Drop Loop?

If you begin your journey in drone fishing, one of your first questions will be what is a drop loop. In short, a drop loop

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GoFish Cam Review - Fishing Camera Featured Image

GoFish Cam Review

I finally got some time to make this special GoFish Cam review which I have been waiting for a long time to do. Well, since

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SkyClip Commander Sneak Peek

Hello there drone fishing lovers, on this post, we are about to share with you a sneak peek to the SkyClip Commander. Well, earlier this

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FIFISH V6 Plus is around the corner

FIFISH V6 Plus is almost here

Finally, well, not exactly, but almost… the next ROV by QYSEA, the FIFISH V6 Plus is almost here. Well, on last February, we published that

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